Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Plague?

Is anyone else being infested with black crickets? Have I mentioned them before?...I do believe I have. The bug guys finally came out and sprayed and bombed down in the basement and just in time, too, as we have company coming this weekend and it sure would be nice not having such pests to contend with.

Here are some helpful tips the bug guy gave me:

1. This is the time of year for crickets and spiders (really???? I would have NEVER guessed).

2. Once we have a couple of good frosts, it will take care of them (again, really???)

3. It would help if Super J trimmed around the house and fence, because crickets like tall grass because it's moister there and more protection (okay, that I didn't know, but still. We've been a bit busy on THE INSIDE of the house...some days it feels like we are doing good to keep the proverbial head above water...but still, knowledge is power).

Last year we had to contend with an outrageous infestation of pill bugs (aka: roley poleys). This year, though...well, let's just run down the fun things we've enjoyed here at The Zoo in the past few months:

Spiders (especially the HUGE-UNGOUS Wolf Spider)
Projectile Infant Spit-up (I think that qualifies as a plague. It's just as startling, to be frank, as a Wolf Spider and I feel just as helpless dealing with it)

Have I forgotten anything?

And now I just have to mention that I wonder if the bug spray guy thinks we are growing pot in the basement. We are growing Basil in the basement, as part of a business opportunity for our girls (such a long story, but I think I talked about it long ago), though Super J and the girls have decided just this week to pull the plug on it and just pay off the investors ("they" [read: Super J] is just too busy to deal with it right now). I guess when a 6 year old's business starts to tank (look how cute the girls are...a couple of months ago), then you know the economy really is having a hard time. But I'm sure it definitely is a weird thing to see in a basement of a home in the suburbs that has all these little girls and an infant. Oh well...just another elment of excitement here at The Zoo.


Ragan said...

We actually had a black cricket in the house just tonight. I made Tim squish it. I was laughing about what your bug guys must think ;)

Katie said...

Too bad about the "basil." It was such a cute idea. And, yuck, I hate bugs!