Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mom's Completely Obvious Garden

So, J and the girls have a business where they are hydroponically growing herbs in the basement to sell, year round. Their little business is called, "My Sisters' Secret Garden," and so far, they have sprouted basil with some degree of satisfaction, but that's kinda it. Well, I guess the cilantro is trying to thrive, but it's still taking some time. Once everything kicks in, it's going to be a raging success, I just know it. Alas, it's just taking a wee bit more time than expected.

Today, however, I and the girls went to a Garden Nursery Store with our friends (confession, Gentle Reader: I would NEVER attempt such a thing by myself because the girls LOVE to explore every little flower individually, it seems, and smell and touch and take FOREVER to move from one beautiful bloom to the next; basically, a nightmare for yours truly). I myself was given the assignment to simply "price" the trees that were on sale (and some are actually kinda maybe reasonable. It's my first trip pricing such things, so I can't be 100% sure). Also, I was going to pick up some more basil plants to see if J can't transplant them into the Hydroponic Wonderland of the Basement.

Well. Mission completion because did I ever pick up some more basil!

In fact, 14 little seedlings of various herbs and two flowering bulb things later (I promised the girls they could have a flowering plant, and I should have stuck to Geraniums because they were the least expensive and are indeed very hearty, but those stink to high heaven if even touched funny and the bag of bulbs were very reasonably priced), I am now home with my own potting soil, my herbs, and hidden in a cupboard, my collection of 44 oz plastic fountain drink cups, so I'm going to plant my own little herb garden...apparently. I'm not certain where I will PUT my 14 new little friends, but I'm excited. I figure, I can plant them in the cups for now, keep them on a window sill (for now) and then when the weather evens out and we're past the terrible frosts, I'll transplant them outside. We'll see how this works. I must confess...I'm a little excited.

I hope I still feel this way once I get some dirt under my nails, which is one of my least favorite things. But if they make the air in the house feel a little bit like it did in the nursery (fresh and springy and growy), I'll be very happy indeed. So, here's to Spring and a bit of gardening fever.

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