Thursday, May 15, 2008

The good, the bad... in recovery mode.

I'm not sure what happened last night, but Miss O was up several times and Miss E kept popping up and finally decided she couldn't sleep until she'd spent at least an hour in our bed with us (I lost track of time). I eventually asked Super J to put her back to bed around 2:12 A.M. because I couldn't sleep with my sweet bambino breathing on my arm...over and over moist breath...on my arm, continuously. Or my back, if I turned over. Kinda freaked me out, as I normally am hugging a pillow that tends to be on the cool side.

Miss E is a sweetie and I don't begrudge her needing a I mean, after all, we were gone for 4 days and I think we are seeing some of the aftermath happening. But still. Holy cow.

So, I thought I'm going to look for some silver linings. Are you ready? Me, too.

1) Hopefully, this evening I'm going to a book warehouse sale with the awesome Miss A.L. Wahoo! I feel sure to find some great deals, because you get $10 off if you spend $50. I know, I know. This is the wrong reason to spend $50, but with Summer coming up, we are ready for some new books in our house collection that I don't have to hyperventilate about when Miss O starts pulling out pages and ripping covers off (which happens with library books and our preschool books). So, taking that into consideration: It is, comparatively, a SMALL price to pay.

2) Um...

3)...I know there are more.

4) Hang is coming to me. Um...I am awake and here to face a new day! Unfortunately, that 85% crabbiness has been up-ed to about 97%, but that's not focusing on the silver linings in life. Moving on...

5) Oh! We are regular viewers of American Idol, and the two Davids are in the AI finale! That's fun. Out of all of the contestants, I like them the best. It took me a while to become a David Cook fan, but surely it happened. I'm not necessarily a David A. fan, but I do find his voice is often smooth and creamy, like a good yogurt (is that a compliment??? Hmmm), and I think he's honestly sweet. Unfortunately, he suffers from Mitt Romney/Mormon syndrome, where people think he's a fake kind of nice, but I think it's a mixture of being a Utah Mormon ("Gosh!" and a lack of dancing ability...not that that is a consistant thing in Utah, because BYU has some amazing dancers...holy cow!...but let's be honest and say this boy is a prime example of "The Deacon Shuffle." Sad.) and then I read an article about him being super shy, and thinking of some family members, I could actually see that, so I started cutting him some slack. How overwhelming an experience for both of these young men (Ohhhhhhh, that I am at the point to call them young men! I used to date guys the age of David Cook when I was still single. Now I'd be a cougar. Ewwwww. Thank goodness for Super J).

Anyway, I think it'll be an interesting contest because they both have such different appeals and fan bases. Seriously, Gentle Reader, did you see all the crying girls and rapturous audiences???? Truth be told, I myself cried during each of the visits back home, thinking how crazy tired these AI contestants must be and how overwhelming to feel such support from strangers who are embracing you while you are trying to fulfil a dream/goal. Craziness! This is one reason I would never want to be on AI. I get no sleep as it is, and look at how happy I am. Sheesh! I'd have been voted off very early, even if people were in love with my choir voice.

What kind of voice do you have? I mean, obviously there are people who have voices to be soloists, voices cut out to be in bands and then there are those of us who can be in choirs. I have a choir voice. It's nothing too much on it's own, but it blends really well with others. I'm okay with that. When they come out with "American Consensus Singers," I might have to sign up. There's no way I'd be cut out for the actual "AI," though. Just being honest.

6) There are more, obviously, when I look at overt silver linings that are all around me. I mean, seriously, I am BLESSED with Super J and The Misses A,E, and O. I'm enjoying a regular pregnancy and it's progressing just fine. We live in a country where there have been no earthquakes that have trapped over 20,000 and killed over 10,000 via natural disaster. I live in the land of plenty and definitely have my 3 months of storage...even as gas prices are going up, there is a sense of security. We have enough. Heck! I can afford to go buy some books for my household. So, yes. I am blessed and those are HUGE silver linings.

Perhaps I just wish that consistent sleep was part of 'em, too, at this point because I gotta tell ya...I feel like I was hit by a bus!

Have a great day! I'm working on mine. :)

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