Thursday, May 15, 2008

Randomness at it's finest

These are things that I've noticed this morning and wanted to record for posterity:

1. So, while in Florida, I bought some shoes. Three pairs, actually, but all for under $25.00. Woot, as they say. But the nicest thing...or the "priceless" thing, as it is said in the credit card commercials, is that every time I wear one of them, I think of Super J and the Florida getaway. That makes me really happy. :)

2. Miss O definitely gleaned a sense of independence while we were away. And honed her jumping skills. I'm going to have to try to record this, but when she's walking around the house, she'll just break into jumping around. It is sooooooo cute to watch. You can tell that she loves this particular skill.

3. My mystic tan is slowly going the way of all good things. And maybe saying "slowly" is too kind. Every time I shower, it's getting more scrubbed and washed looking...except for my ankles. That is weird to me. Yes. I have just taken off my wedding rings and I no longer have a "tan" line. While I wish for that great sunny look, it really does say something for using a SPF 45 sunscreen, don't you think???

4. Wow. My fingers have gotten really fat since I've gotten married. Hmmmmm. This may also be indicative of my overall appearance. lolol. be continued...

5. The sponges we brought back from Tarpon Springs still smell like the ocean. Tarpon Springs is known for it's Sponge Industry in it's little Greek Tourist Town. I'm not sure if I am loving that or am grossed out by it (the sponge smell, that is. LOVED the little Greek Tourist Town). They are "wool" sponges, which are supposed to be the most durable, best for all sorts of things, etc. etc. But they are kind of smelly.


Adrienne said...

Don't know if you want to post this, but um I misread that name, and seriously thought you brought back sponges from "Tampon Springs". Yikes.

Miss L said...

I have to post it because *I* too thought that same thing when I first read it and thought, "What an unfortunate name for a tourist town in Florida near a beach!" Hahahahah! So glad I am not alone!