Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Skill Learning: The Wonders of Closing a Door

There are many things we learn as we grow and gain experience and wisdom. Don't you agree with that, Gentle Reader?

One of the things that I am waiting for my sweet offspring to learn is how to shut a door...properly. Don't get me wrong...they can shut the door just fine. But when they shut it, they don't turn the knob--at all. Instead, they just pull the door closed and it comes awfully close to a slam, but without the mean intent or intensity.

Miss E is especially adept at this type of closure.

I've been noticing the past few days since my return that she closes all doors this way, especially bathrooms. When I'm in them (Note to parents of smaller children who are not capable of turning knobs yet: when they figure it out, you'd better be prepared to lock the bathroom doors OR have visitors while taking care of business. Seriously. I don't think I' my nose during the day, by myself [not counting recent vacation] since eh, maybe 5 years ago, that I have not greeted at least once by a daughter. It's not the worst thing in the world, but I'm just saying, don't say you haven't been warned). I'd be a little worried if I hadn't noticed Miss A doing this as well.

So, what does one do? I've verbally explained stuff to them, but so far, no takers. Hmmmm. Perhaps this is a special F.H.E. family activity where we go over it and practice??? Would that be good? The only problem is that right now, Miss O has not figured out how to turn knobs yet, so I don't really want to draw attention to it just yet. I think.

Instead, I shall just grouse to you, Gentle Reader. For now. I'll keep you posted on these events. Much like yesterday's bout with Miss O, if I weren't crabby 85% of the time, it probably wouldn't bother me (as I said before, I've just recently caught on to this fact myself--not that I'm crabby 85% of the time [sadly, I'm all to aware of that], but the door issue) and I'd let our public school systems teach my kids these skills (I jest! I jest!). We'll see how long I can last in my current state of annoyed apathy. But I just wanted to share. :)

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