Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I Learned Today

Today, I learned that:
  • Sometimes you gotta stay flexible, especially on the most well planned day, when confronted with a short bursted but severe thunderstorm. 
  • I kinda missed not going to my spin class. Darn that lightening and it's subsequent blown transformer (and not the Robot in Disguise kind, which is what my girls thought it was. Ha!) 
  • Yet again, I'm so so so glad for friends who can get together on relatively short notice. 
  • I only needed to all of my name my girls Elizabeth. Who knew????? 
  • Some toenail polish is quite seasonal, though still lovely. 
  • My girls may or may not read all those books we hauled out of the library this morning, but I love them wanting to. 
  • I *DO* already own that Rick Riordan book, but since I thought it was the sequel to The Red Pyramid, I hadn't even bothered to crack it open. 
  • Though none of us worked out this morning at the YMCA, three of my four girls are sound asleep. I do NOT know what this means for this evening. 
  • Going to the library for a second time in one day so the girls can use a restroom you trust? Priceless. 
  • Eating ice cream off the floor of a restaurant does not kill a child, though it grosses out her mom. 
  • Getting gas for $.10 cheaper still strikes a happy place in my heart. 
  • I should have prepped stuff for crock potting as I had planned to last night because now I have no idea what to make.  
  • I am out of onions, so I am wondering if this recipe would be fine with dried or even green onions? You think???? 
  • Having spent the afternoon with one of my very favoritestest people in the world? Never gets old and is simply lovely.


Jennifer Lee said...

You are the greatest.

I think I would use a little dried onion in the soup, but use lots of green onion once it is all cooked. I totally think you can make it without fresh onions. However, you have fresh mozzarella and avacado and limes, but not onions? Your All-Mart is a strange, wonderful little store.

Danelle said...

Just stopping by to say thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. And if you ask my husband and children, they would say leave the onions out all-together! But they'd eat ice-cream off the floor too, so what do they know? :)