Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Miss O was sitting next to me as I was reading some blogs, and I took a moment to stop and be in the present moment and then I got to thinking how I appreciate my girls, especially since I watched two extra girls today, and (to continue this run-on sentence) I just thought how much I love my daughters because they are my girls, and they know me and my little Mom-isms and are just quite wonderful and even though they wear me out sometimes, I also really enjoy who they are becoming, because they are becoming these amazing little humans, and so I was overcome and started kissing her and hugging her and kissing her some more and she said, "Mom, why do you have to do this?"

I told her I just couldn't help myself, which was the truth. 

Then she asked me to go with her to open the door to my bathroom, just in case there was a Monster in there.

Oh well. So much for tender moments.

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