Friday, April 1, 2011

Best Line(s) of the Morning

Just got done asking Miss E, one of the Strep-ettes, how her throat was feeling. 

"My throat feels lots better.  It only hurts when I talk or swallow."

This child must have the pain threshold of a hundred grown men.  If I recall my recent strep of just a few weeks ago (and I do), at it's zenith of illness, my throat only hurt when I talked or swallowed. 

Second best line(s) of the morning:

Miss E yelling at Miss Q (the other Strep-ette), "Leave me alone! I want to play by myself."

Miss Q yelling right back at Miss E, "Leave me alone!  I want to play by myself.  Be Quiet!!!!!"

Miss E laughing at Miss Q.  Miss Q laughing in response to the laughing.  Neither one of them is leaving the other alone, nor being quiet.  This makes me laugh.

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Rach said...

Oh my gosh, you must be going crazy with two kids with strep. So sorry to hear that all is not well at the Zoo. We had fun with Miss O at the park today. Wish you could been there. I miss seeing your face at the gym. Hope every one is well and healthy soon.