Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update to ARGHHHH!

So, hooray, the ped's office finally called (though admittedly I called a second time and left a second message) and said they called in a new prescription for the girls.  We'll see how much after I send Super J out to get it.  Up, up and away!

Moral of the Story:  Even a mere two hours can improve a situation (it can also make it worse, but happily in this case, it didn't):  Sweet friend Kristan will find a driver for the preschool run; your sweet husband will live up to his name of Super by totally seeing your afternoon as horrific and being super empathetic and lovely, which may make you a titch guilty of projecting anger towards him earlier...but he was even understanding about that (whew!); your sweet friend Bethany on the other side of the country will leave you lovely encouraging words which were timed just right; sweet Cryptic Jennifer will call and laugh about the hijinks of Miss Q, all the while understanding that a two year old can cause grey hair quicker than ANYTHING else whilst a wee bit of chocolate seems to soothe the savage beast (as well as a few cookies and a packet of Phineas and Ferb chewie snacks.  Hmmmm.  Stress Eating?  Whatevs); AND, the peds office will finally call and hopefully your kids will soon be on the road to Non-Contagious!  See?  Two hours really can make a difference.

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