Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why, it must be Spring

My nemesis...nemesises...nemesi...er...whatever!  They have returned! ARGH!

Yes!  It is true!  Yesterday, I found a trail of ants leading from the bathroom, which lives right next to the kitchen, heading towards and hanging out at my garbage can.  After Windexing the holy cow out of them (because, yes, you almost could hear them say, "Moooooooooooglugglugglug"), I called our bug guys. 

Today, I have eight (EIGHT!) little bait traps all over the infected area, and our bug guy Dan sprayed under walls and in crevices and put down even more bug killer stuff outside.  Hopefully that'll do it, because I AM on their "if you see a bug anytime, call us and we'll come and kill it" plan.  And I will call, anytime.  Because that's why we pay the bug guys the big bucks...that, and ants like to torment me.  Hear them laughing at me?????  "Mwhahahahahhaha."  Where's my Windex???? 

I promise I am NOT paranoid about these little pesky pesks.  It's just that it is only the SECOND day of spring, for crying out loud!!!! Not even summer!!!  Spring!   Doesn't it seem a little early for this?  Ugh. And am I the only one who has had ginormous flies trapped in her house, buzzing in the windows all hours of the night?  Already?????? 

Simple request for my birthday week:  Bugs...Go. Away.  Begone.  On behalf of all of us, thank you.

Please feel free to return to your normal, joyous Spring Happiness Activities.  And if you see some ants, let me know.  I'll bring you over a bait trap...I got 8 of 'em.

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Bethany said...

I am NOT a fan of ants. So spray away, I say!

When we were moving out to CA, we often camped along the way. One campsite had some monster ants in it, Levi was just tiny in a walker, and the only thing handy at the back end of the truck was bleach. So, down their hole it went. No ants while we were there!