Monday, March 14, 2011

A List of Grouses. These are things I wanted to FB recently, but will instead Post.

Why must 2 year olds get into the very expensive medical ointment and smear it all up and down their arms and put some on their cheeks, so you aren't sure if they ingested any or were just continuing to make a mess?  Why?  And why can't I be less freaked out by all of that. 

Speaking of the latter, have you ever noticed there are a few things that push you to the edge of sanity and temperment faster than other things?  These are things I have recently learned about myself, of which I am no fan:

1.  I am crap when it comes to crisis.  Seriously, if I am involved, it is as if I've donated my brain to science and yet am still trying to function.  Sad, but true.  As an example, please see above freak out about dumb tube of medicine.  By the time I was done cleaning up Miss Q, we were both in tears.

2.  I often have to talk things out to process.  This current list is a case in point.  You know what this makes me, besides a slight basket case?  A gossip.  I did not realize the extent to which it has increased in my life, but sadly it has.  Now, that being said, when instructed, I am pretty good about keeping my mouth shut.  But if someone doesn't say something like, "Keep this quiet" (and even then I can get myself into trouble.  Sorry, Honey!), and I don't know they are trying to keep it hush hush, sometimes I have to process and need to talk about things to get it quiet in my head, or else I just keep thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it. And I don't have time for all that crazy.  Ugh.  Now you know, Gentle Reader.  I am a good listener, but you have to give me boundaries. 

3.  I'm tired of dieting and working out.  There, I've said it.  But, in the two weeks that I have been living life and eating whatever the heck I want in whatever quantities I want, I have gained 5 pounds, so I know the importance of it.  I am just tired of the doing.  I lost 2.5 with my Strep, then gained back double so dang quick!  How do you like that.  I HATES it.  Why can't I eat Hershey Chocolate Covered Easter Marshmallows and sit at the computer and lose weight?  Ugh.  Argh.  Curses!

4.  This darn time change...has thrown me for a loop. Maybe a nice nap will help me think clearer.  Plus, it's Spring Break for Misses A and E, but NOT for Miss O, so that's been wacky.  And I missed getting Miss O's form/payment thingy for her "graduation" pictures (yes, taken in March when actual preschool graduation is in May).  FAIL!!!!  It only meant we had serious sobbing (Miss O) on the way home from school and not a little guilt on my part.  I would normally have been like, whatever!  But isn't this typical of being child #3???  Your two older sisters get THEIR pictures taken, but Mom and Dad have lost steam (and brains and organizational skills) and forget, so when you are looking back at pictures, you will see exactly WHERE it all finally kicked in and the lack of your recorded history becomes oh so evident.  Heavy. Sigh.  Luckily, I called up to the school, and they are going to try to squeeze her in between the younger classes' class pictures tomorrow.  Still.  Lots of extra work for my own forgetfulness and lack of organization. 

5.  Oh!  And the latest thing that I want to talk about and process:  I hate it when someone wants to meet with you, but because of conflicting schedules, cannot meet with you until a week later and then you are left wondering what they wanted to meet you for in the first place!  Because, what with this lack of sleep and need to process, lots of crazy can happen in a week.  I'm just saying.

6. One more thing: spell check on blogger is The Pits right now.  So, sorry for anything that is incorrectly spelled.  There's only so much I can do.

Whew.  Thanks for


Bethany said...

I would let you lean on my shoulder, but it's pretty far away. :( And, when you need to talk something out...just call a far-away friend! We can't let it get back to your near-by friends, because we don't know them!

Hokie said...

I just want to say that I am with you on is a never ending battle. How can you gain in one week what it takes two months to loose? When I meet my goal I am not sure how I am going to mantain...but for now I will just work on getting there I guess. and I guess I am with you on #6 too because I don't know how to spell check comments.

Hang in there, you are awesome!