Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4

Today I am grateful for:

1. Benedryl and Robitussin. Oh, and Ibuprofen. Really, any medicine that I can give my kids, confidently, that helps them feel and sleep better (and for Miss E, especially, to stop some allergic reaction from taking over her body) but that I can buy without having to shell out a co-pay or sweat buckets having to wait until morning. What a blessing!

2. I'm thankful for rubbing alcohol that was able to get Sharpie markers off of children and plastic beds. The bedding, well that's another story, but I'm grateful that it was a sheet and stuff that no one cares about.

3. I'm thankful that no one got hurt on this day when CRAZY stuff was happening. There was no car accident when I was turning and another car was going straight. There was no accident when Miss Q decided to walk up the outside of the stairs and was up 6 steps before she was discovered and dropped down. I'm grateful there were no accidents when Miss Q was trying to use her Singing Dora Minivan as a step stool, repeatedly. I'm grateful there were no accidents while the girls were raking leaves. We were blessed on several occasions, because it could have ended badly but it didn't. And I'm grateful.

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