Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gratitude Time

Hey there! It's Gratitude time, and I've decided, okay, I'm in. I'm keeping it simple this year (no extra awesome inspiring quotes...sorry!), but here's my better late than never list of gratitude things for the last three days.

November 1, 2010:
1. I'm grateful in today's economy that Super J has a job where he seems pretty needed and has survived three lay-offs.

2. I'm thankful that even though his job now requires him to travel every week for several days, we have things like Skype, cell phones and email to keep in touch.

3. I'm thankful for able pilots and crews who fly my sweetie from home to far-away places and back again safely.

November 2, 2010:

1. I'm grateful for warmish weather before cold weather blasts us ever closer to winter.
2. I'm glad Halloween is over, even if I have yet to toss my rotting Jack-o-Laterns off my porch (that'll be Thursday).
3. I'm grateful for sanitation workers who will haul said pumpkins and all my other junk and trash away.

November 3, 2010:

1. I'm grateful for friends who keep eyes peeled for great deals (or better yet, free things!) that I briefly mentioned months ago that I wanted/needed so that I was able to successfully acquire them.
2. I'm thankful for spell check and other things that seem to help me as I am aging. Aquire is actually spelt acquire. Yep. That does indeed look better.
3. I'm thankful for supportive church programs. Today was Miss A's first ever Activity Day (Night) Girl's activity and it was a "talent" show. She was thrilled to be a part of it, even if her talent was lying down with her legs in a weird way. I was proud of her for overcoming initial shyness to participate.

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Katie said...

Oh, you are truly awesome, my friend. How did it get to be November again, already?!?