Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nov 5th and 6th

Friday and Saturday's gratitude list:

1. That someone else will appropriately pull out my kids teeth. Miss E's left eye tooth was ready to come out and happily, Super J willingly yanked it. I was safely upstairs when the initial howl and bleeding occurred, but I still got to celebrate AFTER it was done. Hooray!

2. Plastic cups. It goes without saying that I enjoy a 32oz plastic cup, because they really are so very useful.

3. Razors

4. The Pill...and not just for birth control. I was on it before I got married because I have WHACKED hormones, and last year, I got back on it to rescue me from rapid hair loss and hair gain (on places that, frankly, no woman should be growing hair). I'm very grateful for it.

5. Diapers and wipes and pull-ups, oh my!

6. So grateful that things that I prepared for a baby shower were actually edible! Oh the crazy stress of making something else without being able to taste test it and then presenting it, hoping for the best. Hooray that it was a happy experience.

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