Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sabbath Day Thanks

On this fine Sabbath Day, I'm grateful for:

1. Taking a Family History class during Sunday School. Now, hopefully, at the end of it, I'll know how to get names ready for the temple from my own home. I'm excited for this. And grateful.

2. Mini muffin tins. Yeah, so I'm on a mini muffin kick and tonight I made some banana bread mini muffins. They only took 20~ish minutes to bake, instead of an hour (score!). And there just seem to be more goodness to eat than "a loaf of bread" provides. I don't know how to explain it, but they have just the right amount of yumminess. And I am so grateful I bought the tins over a year ago, only to discover their wonderfulness now.

3. So, I'm grateful that my husband and I know how to disagree and fight like adults. Before my good husband, I'd never been in a relationship where I could a) be myself and b) voice concern and issues and things that annoyed me without feeling like the world would implode and I would be left alone. This afternoon, we got into a spat about a dumb thing that was masking a deeper concern, but we were able to work our way through and figure out what the concern was and be back on the same page before an hour had passed. How grateful I am for someone who knows how to communicate with me and allows me to do the same, even when we get snippy and annoyed with each other, and still loves and appreciates me when the air gets cleared.

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