Friday, October 15, 2010

Mug Shot Updates

Last week in church, I was asked to give the closing prayer in our worship service.  Since then, more than just my dearest friends (who knew I was dieting) have been coming up and asking if I've been losing weight.  I thank them for the compliments and tell them that I am trying, but in my mind, I still have so far to go. 

Here's the secret to my success:  I've been extremely faithful eating and logging my calories at and exercising.  That's all I've been doing.  I hate when that whole "less calories in" and "more calories out" turns out to be true, every time.  Darn it!  Why can't it be cookies in, sitting at your computer in, calories out?  Oh well.

Seriously, the other day I was telling Super J that I was having a hard time seeing any changes in how I know how that goes, right?  You notice your clothing seems looser and that you have to pull up your pants more often.  You try on older stuff in your closet that you haven't worn since before you started having kids and they fit!!!  Wahoo!  Frustratingly, they fit kinda differently then they did back in the day (because, let me share with you, pregnancy redistributes fat around your body and weirds out your boobs like NOTHING ELSE!), but they fit and that's a happy thing.  But, again, even though you KNOW your body has been changing, you look in the mirror and you just can't see the change.

So, Super J put together a before and after for me.  I sure love that man. I'm kinda hesitant to post them, because seriously, the before pictures looks JUST LIKE THE MUGSHOTS YOU SEE ON TV (because, hey, I don't really have a mug shot on record, and heaven help me if this doesn't reinforce the idea that I don't want a real one!  Sheesh!).  I'd like to point out that it was taken AFTER Super J and I worked a P90X routine, but I don't know that it can be the entire excuse for how seriously gross I look.

As a further update on P90X:  the date on the before picture is about 2 weeks after I started P90X, which, I did 5 weeks of before I stopped, and now I just do a few of the workouts whenever I want, but I'm more focused on walk/jogging right now.  I'd say that I feel like a P90X failure, but you know what?  It got me motivated, got me to a correct caloric intake for my workouts, and led me to, which has made ALL the difference.  Plus, at some point I'll get back on the P90X wagon.  Until then, though, I'm still so glad I got it and started it, so that's not failing in my book.

The after picture was taken at Miss A's baptism a few weeks ago and then cropped.  Super J wanted me to see a side by side of equal face proportions. 

On a totally different note, I need to post about Miss A's baptism.  In case I don't, it turned out really great, despite our church building having to be fumigated for fleas and raccoons and our having to relocate to a different building.  Yeah...Long story.  Nevertheless, I was so touched at all the people who came out for it.  Miss A might not remember all of it, but I will.  It was a very tender time.  I still can't believe my oldest is now 8!  Crazy how fast time flies. 

Speaking of time of yesterday, 10-14-10, I finally was below my pre-pregnancy weight of Miss A.  I've lost all my baby weight, friends.  It only took 8+ years.  Yay!


Jessica said...

Awesome Job Laurenda!!!

mshaw said...

Congratulations! Any amount of poundage off is always a good thing. Good for you.

Allison said...

You look terrific! I'm with you on the wondering why the cookie + computer can't equal calories out.

Bethany said...

Um, your mug shot is still better than the "ladies" that show up on C.O.P.S. And, oh, yes, you've definitely done well in the exercise department! You look really good. Cute smile, chiseled jawline, the happiness of a mom at her daughter's baptism. Love you, Laurenda!

Adrienne said...

Honey, you look HOTT. But when I say that, I hate the implication that pounds make a difference...because they don't. You have always been so, so pretty and incredible. That never changes. But I think it's rad you're setting these RIDICULOUS goals, and achieving them. Very inspiring, friend!!!

J. Paige Edwards said...

TWO MONTHS!! You did THAT in two months! (based on the dates mind you...) I hate when I say these two words, but 'be patient'. There is SO much more going on inside that is still visible on the outside. Can you SEE the vibrancy of your face???

It's something I've noticed as we've been eating better with so many more veggies and fruits there is a 'brilliance' that shines through. I see it in you and I've been seeing it in others that make the dietary change with p90X too. I've recently learned some things that really underscored the foods we intake are even more important the the actions we output. I can explain it sometime if you like so I don't hijack your blog... (sorry!)
It's been two weeks since your 'after' picture and seeing you Sunday at church and I can see a drastic change in that two weeks... The outside is reflecting a healthier inside, and now that healthier inside is about to show you what you all the great stuff you are made of!

What's up with the Walkers! said...

Wow! You are my really do look good. I can't believe you're back to pre-pregnancy weight! Way to go!

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

I really like your little counting down poundage on your blog! I will have to steal it (evil laugh)hehehe... Great Work, BTW =)