Friday, April 30, 2010

Just A Quick Note

Dear Crumbs Under My Dining Room Table,

I just wanted to finally write and say Hello! I mean, I see you EVERY day, several times a day in fact, and I'm so busy cleaning you up that I have yet to really acknowledge the part you play in my life.

I have to say, I'm mighty impressed with the special magic that you have. For the life of me, I can't figure out WHY no one but me sees (or for that matter, FEELS) you. Why, if it weren't for me, I do believe you could make a permanent home wherever you felt like it in the house. Oh the power! How do you do it? How can you become invisible to EVERYONE but me? Why does it bother me so? I am just wondering these things, because I think about it every time I'm cleaning you up.

And speaking of cleaning up, I know you probably resent the heck out of me and my beloved, mental health saving cordless vacuum stick, but I have to say, I'm almost 100% positive the feeling is mutual. Not to be offensive, but I'm just keeping it real.

Oh! I forgot to mention that yesterday I found two ants crawling around. I know how you hate those ant, Little Tiny Annoying Crumbs, so I did my best to squash them with my thumb and tried not to curse. You know me, always trying to be a little bit better than the day before!

Well, I guess it's that time when I need to get back at it. SO. MUCH. TO. Do! Like everything else in the house that needs to be dusted, scrubbed, disinfected, and vacuumed.

But don't worry. If I missed some of you this morning, I'm sure I'll be back to try to find you in a few short hours when the girls (who, by the way, are home from school today. Yes! It's a taste of summer on this wet rainy day! I've only heard about their boredom a handful of times, which I suppose for 10 in the morning isn't bad, non?) are desirous of some sort of mealy snack that will tumble from the table, to their shirt (or bottom...Miss Q's not so picky about where she stashes her crumbs) and then to the floor.

In the meantime, know I'm recharging the vacuum so I and my OCD will be ready.

Miss L


Madelyn said...

Oh I love you and miss you! Great post!

Bethany said...

I, too, have invisible under-the-dining-table crumbs. I'm not sure how to make them visible, either. Glad you're back!

Rachel said...

I love how you are the only one that seems to see them. Too funny.

Adrienne said...

LOL!! THE ANTS!! OH THE ANTS!!! You and I both, my friend. I fear the day! Why must my girl drop half her lunch under her seat? right by the crack to the outside wall? Oh, because we need anty friends, that is why!! AAAAAA. So awesome.

Katie said...

Oh, I have missed your posts, dear friend. You make me chuckle.