Wednesday, April 28, 2010

X Marks the Spot

It's cleaning day here at The Zoo, and while tidying, I found a "segment" to a "map" that Miss E created in order to have a couple of minutes of fun treasure hunting. She had me write the cryptic message in order to find the treasure. I had to share, because it's soooooo Miss E... and because she dictated the following in a pirate-y voice:

"The treasure you can find is when you find the level that can't be found. Below the flower with purple petals, is me treasure. That is all there is. Arrrrrrrgh."

My favorite part is how you can find the treasure when you find the level that can't be found. Wah? How can you even find the level if it can't be found?

And this, Gentle Reader, is when I realize--yet again!--that whilst Miss E has a lovely and rich inner life, my own Imagination Land has grown a wee bit barren as I've gotten older and had kiddos. I think it's because it takes all my energy arguing with my girls that they can't wear dresses and Sunday Shoes to school on P.E. day when they are practicing for their up and coming Track and Field Day, and the school specifically asked us (the parental figures) to make sure they were dressed and shoe-d appropriately. I swear, I'm aging 10 years by the minute during these exchanges.



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