Monday, December 7, 2009

Chick chick chicken...of the sea?

So, hey, Gentle Reader. Long time no write. Brace yourself about this exciting installment here at the Zoo.

To spare you the boring details, suffice to say that Super J knows some people who work in the same facility as he does who raise chickens to eat, and he helped them with some gizmo thing that helps them pluck the chickens. As a result, they periodically gift us a free range chicken. Nice, eh? Yes, it is. Just being honest, because the price of chicken can sometimes be SHOCKING. But I'm not saying this to gloat. Here's the situatiaon. I never know when I get one of these gifts and when I do get it, I don't want to just something plain with it. So, I've been on finding super fantastic recipes for roasted chicken (go there and sort by ratings and the highest rated "roast chicken recipe" --of which I cannot recall the name and am unable for some reason to get at the moment-- is truly DE-LICIOS. Seriously, try it).

ANYWAY! Super J brought home a chicken almost a week ago, which has kinda been forgotten...until tonight. Knowing I needed to use it pronto, I found a different, less involved recipe to roast it (the second highest rated) which we've never tried. It sounds great, though. So, in my head, I am planning on making this chicken. Maybe with some stuffing on the side, mayhaps? Potatoes? Sure, why not. I have leftover rolls from yesterday and some lovely new lettuce and other veggies. The meal is coming together! I've got out my roasting pan. I've sprayed Pam in my roasting pan. I'm preheating my oven. I get the chicken out, which has been living in my "meat" compartment/section thing of my fridge. And my chicken is...

...frozen solid.

Clunk, clunk, on my counter my chicken goes. SOLID. We will not need to use the chicken pronto (I mean, yes, we will, but not tonight pronto). Instead, I will have to thaw that little sasquatch out before I roast it.

Soooooooooo, instead we will, had spaghetti yesterday. Cannot look at breakfast for dinner after having made much breakfast this weekend and this morning because we were out of milk. We will have...FISH STICKS! Yeah. Fish sticks. sigh. And mashed potatoes. Yeah. And salad. Wow. This meal is coming together. ha.

Sometimes it is hard to come up with meals, you know?

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Colton Anne said...

That's funny!! One Christmas, the year after Dad died, Mom put us kids totally in charge of the Turkey dinner. We thought we could have it thawed the same day as we cooked it. Luckily my YW's leader who lived down the road from us gave us an extra ham that she had put in her fridge from food people gave us for Dad's funeral since we didn't have room for it and our dinner was saved! Oh...and if Super J needs any tips on how to snap the chicken's Andrew...he used to do that as a summer job one year. Boy did he stink when he came home!!