Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is it Tuesday? Then it's time to be Grateful!

Hello there! On this wet Tuesday, I'm very thankful for:

1. Not getting biffed this afternoon by that big white van who jumped the light as I was turning left (granted, on a yellow arrow, but still! I was in the intersection! I had right of way!!!). I'm so sorry for scaring my friend who was riding with me at the time (and, friend, if you decide you don't want to ever drive with me again, I will *sniff* understand). It truly pays to pray for safety in your travels.

2. Daughters who play together. This doesn't happen every day, but today there were actually several episodes of all four girls "playing" together. It's rather hysterical to watch, because they often do "stories," and the older two boss Miss O around with what her character should be doing. The beauty of Miss O, though, is that...well...that's not how she rolls. So, it's like watching a story within a story. But it all kinda worked out fine. And the baby? They just gave her something and she contentedly played with it near them (normally, she fights with them, trying to get the stuff they are playing with, but today was pretty mellow about the whole thing).

3. My mother-in-law. Believe it or not (ha! And anyone who knows the situations knows of what I speak with that statement). Today is her birthday, and if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have my wonderful husband. So, I am very grateful to her for bringing the most incredible man into the world. Kinda gooey sappy, but true none the less.

Some complain that roses have thorns—others rejoice that thorns have roses! ~Unknown

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