Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting Caught Up

Well, hello my fellow Gratitude-ites. It's only been 5 days since I last sat and wrote about how grateful I am and why. Oh dear. So, here's my catch-up list. 3 times 5=15. Here we go...

I am grateful for:

1. A temporary laptop to call my own. I'm still trying to figure out if I love it or not. I love a key-board and it's clacky clack clack, but I do love the mobility this thing is allowing me.

2. That it's free!! (and before you get all jealous, please know that there are several horizontal lines running through the screen, even as I type, and the space bar and I are having issues. Not desirable, but it let's me see if I like it...or not).

3. Miss E lost one of her top front teeth and looks so cute and let Super J pull it out like a rock star! I could not have done that, so I'm glad to both of them for not making me do it!

4. My mom! It was her birthday on Nov 18 and I was sooooo appreciative of her. She has shown me what it means to be a survivor and that you are never too old to educate yourself and try to be a better you. I sure love her.

5. Chocolate cake.

6. New Moon...actually, I'm more grateful for the fun date I had with Super J and the experience of seeing it with him than I am for the actual movie, but I really enjoyed it (and it was SO. MUCH. BETTER than the movie version of Twilight. Am I wrong? No. I am not.).

7. The YMCA

8. My calling in church as the Primary Chorister. I'm not sure I ever mentioned how I had a "come to Jesus" moment one Sunday. I was literally leading the music and flapping my arms and kinda skipping to the music and I thought, "I am like Maria von Trapp, atop the mountain, teaching these children to be filled with the Sound of Music" (which, is my all time favorite musical, and deserves it's own special gratitude spot. Let's call it #9). Huh. It's true. Weird, eh? Since then, though, I have had no animosity towards my calling at all, which has made that calling quite lovely.

9. The Sound of Music

10. Faux crocs. My girls live in them and because they are the Off-brand version, I don't really care when they start to bite the dust. They are a magical kind of shoe, though, aren't they? Comfy with or without socks. Washable. Wear fairly well. No guilt when you gotta chuck them. Yep. We love 'em around here.

11. Digital thermometers and boxes of Kleenex

12. Aldi's and Costco and Walmart and Target (ie: my fav stores)

13. Being almost done with Christmas Shopping...except for a few extended family and stocking stuffers. This has NEVER happened before, and it's quite liberating.

14. Clean toilets. Seriously. So. Happy for them, especially in public restrooms. But also in my home.

15. Dishwashing gloves (or housecleaning gloves or whatever you call them...the things that keep my hands from having to be in so much water all the time). Because I have some weird itchy plague on one of my fingers on each hand (??? I know!), it is a blessing to keep as much moisture in them as possible.

Hey! That's 15! I'm caught up! I'm so happy for that. Wahoo!

Have a great evening, and I'll do double quotes tomorrow.

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HaH said...

#4 - I agree! I actually think about your mom a lot, especially as I get older, and really value her example to not let age, or disappointment, or other life circumstances stand in her way, and that life is always worth the effort to put your best (well dressed) foot forward and improve yourself.

And you're cool too. :)