Friday, October 2, 2009

A Travelin' Man and the Night Zombie Woman

Super J got called out of town again, though just for a couple of days (though he will manage to miss Miss A's official, with friends, birthday party, which is this afternoon...not sure how that happened).

However, that is on top of the fact that Monday through Wednesday, he was "security" for Seminary (an early morning scripture study program for high schoolers held in local churches), which meant that for those 3 days he had to get up at 4:30 to go patrol. And then Thursday morning he got up at 5:00 to go catch his plane.

Which meant that I got to be getting up with the girls whenever they woke up, which is often prior to 6:30 for at least one of them, not counting Miss Q who randomly wakes up whenever. But if it's only one, then I can often go back to bed.

That being said, and keeping in mind that as I've often blogged about, when he's out of town, I don't sleep well...

Last night, I went to bed at 11:30. At 2:30, Miss A got up for some water. At 4:00 something, Miss Q woke up. At 5:30 something, Miss A got up again and ended up sleeping on the floor pallet (when we have a daughter wake up with a bad dream or what have you, they can sleep in our room, but on the floor...we've taken to having a comforter and pillow readily available for them to crawl into). At 6:15ish, Miss E got up and ended up on Super J's side of the bed--a huge treat for her. She was very pleased with her good fortune. At 6:45, Miss O got up to have me come in and find her pacifier (I know, I know...she shouldn't even HAVE one at this age, considering that she NEVER used one when she was a baby. I figure, finish refining potty training and then deal with this). At 7:20, I finally got out of bed to start prepping to get everyone necessary off to school.

So, yeah, I feel like the bus to Smallville hit me this morning.

The silver lining? At least I got a MUCH needed shower in before (kinda) the baby woke up. There's a debate between us girls about whether the baby woke up and cried and Miss O went in to check on her, or whether Miss O went to check on her, woke the baby up and then Miss Q cried, because all this happened when I was in the shower. But at least Miss Q wasn't attacking the shower doors, trying to get in while I was shampooing, which is what she's been doing recently with very annoying consistency. So, that's a silver lining if I do say so myself: tired, but clean.

I realize this is about the dumbest thing to post about, but I just wanted something down for posterity so that when the girls are in therapy because their mom was mean in the mornings, I can just show them this to explain WHY. When you are sleep deprived, you just gotta do your best. Right? RIGHT???? Yeah, I thought so, too.

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Shari said...

YOU GET TO BATHE! I can't remember the last one I took...I may do that now...instead of doing the dishes.