Friday, October 2, 2009

Because When You Are A Party Planning Zombie

10:33 am.
I thought I'd blog about my experience throwing Miss A's par-tay. Since you, Gentle Reader, are waiting with baited breathe to see how this super easy and simple and small gathering will turn out (I just know honest. You know you are). And, quite frankly, because it's off to such an auspicious beginning.

See, I am, right this very moment, baking cupcakes. Yay, yes? I think so...on one hand. On the other, I'm a complete failure. Why? Because I'm baking these bad boys without the liners. And I'm not doing that because this party is so edgy and that's the way we roll. No. I'm baking them without the liners because I FORGOT TO PUT THEM IN! So, I guess I'm making cup cake muffins. Sigh be continued.

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Katie said...

Cupcake muffins are the best! :-) That way, you don't waste any time peeling the paper off before you start eating the delicious goodness.