Friday, October 2, 2009

When the Party Planning Zombie is Filling Goody Bags


So, by now I have gone to Best Buy and gotten a new Linksys wireless router because ours quit...the day before General Conference (of course!) with Super J out of town (OF COURSE!), when I'm trying to get stuff done for the Par-tay and what I really want to do is take a nap instead of battling the WIND (did I say WIND? I mean, GALE FORCE FREAK OF NATURE BLOWING WIND), but at least that's done.

As are the Cupcake Muffins. And they do look like muffins. But as my friend, Cryptic Jennifer, pointed out, less wrapper means less clean-up. True dat.

I have finally gotten Miss Q down for a nap, which means I may actually kinda be able to CLEAN UP without things being un-done. I am AMAZED at the number of toys that I will have to put away AGAIN! having tried to put them away earlier this morning. And books. HOLY COW. That child is my daughter for certain because she is like a moth to flame when it comes to books...hauling them out...tearing out pages (alas, here we part company. My librarian heart shudders every time I find one of her victims lying helpless on the ground). Anyway, suffice to say, she is one mess maker. And add that to Miss O??? HELLO CHAOS!

That, and I still have to do the dishes, but you know, why not blame the kids.

On a very happy note, though, I got the goody bags filled. Do you do this, Gentle Reader, or is it something that they do here in Metropolis only. Do you know what I mean? Kids come to your house, you send them home with an assortment of stuff, ranging from candy to...stuff? For Miss A's party, I was bound and determined NOT to send candy, so instead I spent a tiny fortune on little shower poofs, nail files, combs (okay, those came in an assortment package), little lip balms, pencils, little nail polishes (in neutral colors) and a glow in the dark bracelet (that's kinda a cheat since it's Halloween and I got a can of 12 from The Great Target for a buck! Hello!). Granted, most of the stuff was under under $.50 or a dollar, but still. After filling the bags (three being for the Misses A,E, and O because I was honestly trying to keep this low-key and a SMALL gathering), I am only missing two combs and a nail file. Score! And, since I will send these with the guests as they go out the door to head home, the odds of the missing combs (my own girls) and the missing nail file (Miss O) finding out they are missing, well, they'll never know the difference. Yay!

On a completely different note, Miss E is having a friend over for a play date (because, WHY NOT, Gentle Reader, WHY NOT!), and there is a horrible racket coming from downstairs. I must away to see what the heck is going on! be continued.


Bethany said...

No, it is not only in Metropolis where they hand out party favors. In fact, here in Hollywoodland, they send one to school! for each of the kids! who may or may not come to a party, where they will get another one! It's unbelievable what people out here do for birthdays. For kids who are turning 4 (!!!!) and will probably not remember the day by the time they turn 5. I, however, do not participate in the nonsense, except to go and eat all of their catering. (Nope, totally not kidding.) Good luck this afternoon! If you need a phone-a-friend when it's all over, you know my number! And I'm up late.

Adrienne said...

Oh you've GOT to "continue" the saga for those of us who are SO sympathetic! I feel Nat's 5th birthday eyeing me with an evil cupcake-liner free eye.