Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Zink an Up-do Vould Haf Been So Much Bettah, No?

Darn it all, one day I will learn that a 3 year old and a pair of scissors is NOT a good combination even if Daddy did give her permission to use them to cut her construction paper into tiny bits.


Miss O decided to cut her hair. Yes. All over her head. Hallelujah, though, because only Miss O can cut off chunks of her hair and it not be too too obvious. I hope, anyway.

I was so sad, combing out her hair, because all these little strands kept falling out every time I combed! Ugh. I'll assess it more in the morning, but I can for certainty say she's thinned her hair out...and in some places more than others.

Oh well. I guess she needed a cut for the start of pre-school, but really now. Suppose we'll just check that little right of life passage off her Bucket List. (and I would have taken a picture, but we cannot find our battery charger and the darn thing is out of power. Of course. Of COURSE!)


KC Knicks said...

Oh no! Brittany cut her hair right before we left for Utah. I guess they decided to get new do's for their first day at LFP!

Bethany said...

Hmmm, maybe that's why I always buzz my boys' hair. Much harder to get at with scissors. :) I cut my bangs the night before pictures in 1st grade. Those pictures never went on the piano with the others.