Thursday, July 30, 2009

Funny Things About My Summer Girls

By that I mean my two girls born in the summer, Miss O and Miss Q.

Today, after I'd gotten a crying Miss Q out of her crib, Miss O came into our room and looked at herself in the mirror and started shaking her head. I was cuddling with Miss Q, so Miss O said, "Mom! Mom! Look! I'm nodding my head 'No!'"

Miss Q has recently begun a new thing, and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. Besides giggling manically when she's doing something naughty and we tell her, "No!", when she passes gas, I normally say, "Toot-toot-a-loot!" Well. She's decided this is also the funniest thing, and will laugh and giggle and then try to fart again! And again! And again! She gets that, "I'm going to poop," face each time and tries to push the air out. It cracks me up, which cracks her up. I know, disgusting, but F.U.N.N.Y.

On the other hand, when Miss Q gets disgruntled, she is starting to bite. Anything. People. Chairs. Metal coffee tables. It's funny because she bite's something and then, it doesn't really relieve her like she's hoping, so she tries to bite something else.

Now, I know it's not really funny. But it kinda is. Her favorite thing to bite? Socks. The filthier the better. And since we have three sisters who just throw their socks wherever, she has plenty of options to chose from. Now, maybe she'd enjoy some clean ones...I just don't know because I haven't seen her.

As I'm typing this, Miss Q is practicing standing in the middle of the room. Every time she does this, we clap. We've been clapping a lot, these past few minutes. And, whenever we do clap, Miss O comes running in (Miss E is sitting at the computer next to me, playing a game, and Miss A is out with Super J on a Daddy Daughter Date, getting school supplies). This last time, Miss O said, "Yay for Miss Q! Yay! Let's make her NOT stand now!!!"

Ahhhhhh, sisters.

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Bethany said...

So awesome! Levi was also a biter. Took out his fear of flying on my arm once. It hurt a lot. Glad she's choosing socks over people. And, I seriously need to meet this Miss O. She sounds awfully fun!