Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Love the Smell of Windex on a Hot Summer Afternoon

Today, I pay homage to that oft forgotten member of our family: our minivan. Yes. The Red Rocket, who tirelessly (well, not TIRE-lessly, because then it wouldn't go anywhere, but I mean without fail) takes our little family all over, here and yon. And often in a state unbecoming such a beloved Red Rocket.

Because, let's face it, my ride has been "Mom'd". (click on "Mom'd" to see what I'm talking about. UPDATE: Oh heck! Right now, if you go there, you'll have to immediate make it full screen because there is a very disrespectful word--aka: an f-bomb-- in the "related video" link area. I'm so embarrassed. Sorry!!!! I'll try to find a different link, but I just wanted to warn you.) UPDATE: I'm just going to embed it so you don't even have to go there:

So, I just got done cleaning my car out...for TWO HOURS!!!! Holy dirty filthy vehicle. I cleaned out junk, and by that I mean two garbage bags for stuff to go IN the house, and one for trash. The inside bag included: one ginormous Buzz Lightyear. Why on EARTH is that out in the car? Seriously? Yes. Three sippies, one with "grape" juice and two with water (don't worry, we have our "cheese" collection going on up in Miss O's room. Ugh); about 5 Polly pockets, a real-sized stuffed rabbit with a plastic carrot that goes to a grocery store toy collection that lives in the basement, a Dora the Explorer checkers piece (now we only need to find the other missing three! Wahoo!), several baskets and various summer pool toys, and, of course, tacky McDonald's Toys (accompanied by not a few petrified fries). Oh! And I forgot to mention the shoes. I had at least FOUR pairs, ranging from tennis shoes to flip-flops...and let's just say, they were not my size 10.5 OR 11's...I'm just sayin'. And, I've decided to spare you a lengthy discussion about the socks that seem to get worn to the YMCA and then discarded while in the van. Hello! No wonder the Red Rocket had such an interesting aroma.

I did have helpers for a while and they were honestly pretty good about it. Miss A and E, fresh from their first trip to the movies (thank you, again, Melissa T. aka WONDER WOMAN!) felt a sudden surge of service and helped me get out all the paper and junk so we could vacuum.

Note to self: Do not clean car out in the middle of the afternoon on a hot summer day. Again, just sayin'.

Because then we vacuumed. And then Misses A and E fought over who could vacuum, so they had to go inside. So I got to finish, which I don't really mind because I love to vacuum, as we all know (remind me to tell you about the special purchase I made that has made me into a better person. Seriously.). However, I don't like to sweat. And land-a-goshen! I lost a small sea's worth of salt water, finishing that little task.

Finally, I cleaned the dash and windows. Yes, I know Windex is probably verboten for use on the dash, but after spilling it on the counter in the kitchen as I refilled the near empty Windex bottle before I even got it outside to the garage where I was cleaning out the Red Rocket, I really didn't care. Besides, I like the smell of Windex. I just hope I was able to wash enough off the home grown cucumbers Super J brought home the other day that were living on the counter and got pretty soaked with the blue liquid. Surely rinsing with lots of cold water will cure that. Regardless, after that, they were streak free, so that's something, right? (I kid, I kid!)

Anyway, so now the Red Rocket is fresh and clean. Just ignore the filthy carpet, because I didn't have it in me to clean the carpets...though I did WANT to clean the carpets. That's just going to have to wait.

In the meantime, anyone need a ride? Because you have about 10 minutes before I load the kids back in it, and who knows what will be joining us. Oh well. At least it still smells nice.

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