Tuesday, July 7, 2009

As Overheard in the Living Room

Picture if you will Miss A and Miss E playing Barbies in the living room. They story they are playing (as they call it) is about how some humans turn into mermaids. I hear Miss E and A talking about, "Oh no! It's raining. Run!" Then I hear Miss A say, "And pretend they get hit with another rain drop." Some giggling. Then Miss A says, "And pretend they get ANOTHER rain drop." giggle giggle.

I look over and they are dripping spittle from a standing position onto their Barbies who are awaiting, motionless (and, I'm sure if they were alive, with horror!) below to receive the "rain."

Oh yeah. Those are my creative beauties right there, in action.


Bethany said...

Nice. I'm sure their Barbies are wishing for a bath now.

Bethany said...

Oh, and we ran into a friend at the Y this morning, and Levi tried to wash her car with spit. It didn't work.

Colton Anne said...

I don't like that rain either!! (experienced personally from my older brother!)