Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Take THAT, Costco!

Gentle Reader, you should know that only periodically I get my knickers in a twist, but when I do...poor Super J. He has to listen to me go on and on about whatever I'm dithering about for a long time. And then he encourages me to do something about it.

With this in mind...

So we begin our story on Saturday when we are heading to Costco for a few items, but among them (and very importantly) is this cereal.I love this cereal. I eat it in the morning with uncooked oatmeal and fresh blueberries and all is right in the world. Alas, it costs a small fortune, but in my head, it has single-handedly helped me lose weight (hard!), increase my mental capabilities (not hard), and helped in my overall beautification (something had to be done). Seriously. Really really like it.

So, of course, Costco has stopped carrying it.

Wha???? Indeed, I couldn't find it so when they asked if I found everything I answered honestly that NO. I did NOT find everything. So one of their workers looked it up and they have canceled their orders for getting more of it. WHA????? And not only at THAT store, but all Costco's.

Okay, it probably shouldn't have hashed me so bad, but they are still carrying all sorts of other cereals that I don't like NEARLY as well (and cost even more of a small fortune!) from Nature's Path. AND incredibly wonderful pop-tart like things. But we won't go there because I am still M.A.D. at Costco for not getting my cereal! The worker tells me helpfully that I can "Let them know about it!", meaning, I can fill out a form to let "corporate" know my displeasure, and she helpfully adds that I should do that every time I come in. Okay, I will. I go over to the "Ltkai" kiosk and, yes, they are out of their "Ltkai" forms. ARGH!


I'd swear off Costco right then and there if I didn't love other things about it.

So, I do the next best thing.

I go home and get on the internet. Turns out that Nature's Path will sell you boxes of their delicious cereals and pop-tart things and stuff. Wahoo.

Turns out that they are currently OUT OF STOCK of my cereal. I. KID. NOT.

So I call them. Because I'm a freak. But I'm so glad I did because the customer service girl tells me to check back on Wednesday because there's always a big turnover with that cereal (HELLO! It's because it's delicious. Stupid Costco!).

SOOOOOOOOOO, Super J and I checked back LAST NIGHT (Monday) and it was back in stock! So I ordered some!!!!! 6 boxes. And because that wasn't enough to get free shipping, we ordered some pop-tart things AND one more box, for a total of SEVEN boxes. And one other box of cereal...because, Gentle Reader, you had to spend $65.00 for free shipping. With all of that cereal and pop-tart-age you'd think we'd have enough. No. We must order a single granola bar snack bar thing as well. At last we have paid enough.

But I don't care. I will have several weeks worth of cereal (or months, depending if I can persuade Super J from not eating so much of my precious precious flake food...and by now, you are thinking, that bespeaks so much: Flake. Food. Yes. So so true).

Anyway, yeah. Take that Costco. The power of the little people. And free shipping. And happy emails that let you know it's ALREADY SHIPPED.

Wahoo, I say. Wahoo.


Bethany said...

I am all about that one thing that makes your day just fine, even when it hasn't really been so fine. It is worth a few extra dollars. Enjoy it!

Katrina said...

I *love* online food shopping. It's why I shop with schwans. So convenient. :)

KC Knicks said...

This is just one of the many reasons I love you!!

What's up with the Walkers! said...

It's so ironic that you had this happen, Sam's Club did the same thing to me! I love Fiber One cereal but it has to be caramel clusters. I always get it at Sam's because the cereal is so expensive and its cheaper there. I can get it other places, however, I can't bring myself to pay their prices. So Sam's all the sudden stops carrying my cereal, and I haven't got desperate enough to pay the price at Wal-Mart:)

Adrienne said...

Way to stick it to the man.