Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two of Four turning Five

Wait. That sounds like I'm announcing something. I guess I am, but probably not what you think.

Miss E is turning five tomorrow. I'll post more about her because she most certainly deserves a post about her greatness and sweetness and, let's be frank, her eccentricness (is that a word?) which makes her all the more adorable. But for now, I just wanted to offer this little taste, so to speak.

Tomorrow, we take a snack to preschool for her, to celebrate this milestone. We decided long ago upon cupcakes. Today, I got out my four different cake mixes and set them on the counter (along with a canister of vanilla funfetti frosting...meaning, it's vanilla frosting with sprinkles that you, well, sprinkle on the cupcakes after frosting). When I was finally able to turn her attention away from the sprinkles atop the can of frosting, and the various cans of pumpkin I'd put out on the counter whilst finding the cake mixes, and asking her to put the bullion back in the cabinet where she'd eyed the golden cubes, and to FOCUS on the decision before her (oh, and told Miss A to be quiet! Miss A was trying to sway her with all sorts of crazy ideas about cupcake combinations), she mulled between these type of cake mixes:

Lemon (which should also probably be in quotes).

Guess which one she picked.

Knowing that her frosting was white and would have "rainbow" sprinkles. Which did she pick? Hmmm... Which did she pick.

If you guessed...

...you are correct.

Her reasoning for going with the tartier tasting treat over more traditional fare? Because once, sometime back, her class had lemonade to drink.

When asked what if someone doesn't like Lemon cake, she said that her fellow preschoolites have been told to say, "Thank you" or "No, thank you" and then they just don't eat that treat.

Okay, then.

Lemon it is.

And that's a little insight into Miss E. And a little bit more why we love her.

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Lac said...

What a cutie! She's really hoping that she can have the cookies that the weird kids don't want to eat! I'll take all the "no thank you's"! What a cutie she is!