Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts

Though this Mother's Day was kinda hard with Super J out of town, there were some really sweet moments.

One was that I made the girls wait until this afternoon to give me my Mother's Day gifts...and seriously, when you are 6 and almost 5, you have no patience to wait to give gifts, especially when you've MADE them, so I am totally not lying when I had to negotiate several times over the course of several days for them NOT to give me my Mom Day's gifts early. I know, it's kinda selfish, but I just wanted something officially Mother-ish, to commemorate this day.

Miss E gave me a little foam frame she'd made in school with a cute picture of her and some of her classmates at one of their learning centers. Appropriately, the center is "Sensory" which means it has sand in it. Miss E loves these types of center, so it's very fitting. So very her.

Miss A gave me a purple/pink/blue pinch pot that she'd made in art. Along with that came this little poem:

I hope you love my pinch pot.
It was made with lots of care.
I learned about clay in art class
And made this pot to share.
Keep it in a special place
So someday you'll recall,
The wonderful things my hands made,
When I was very small.
Love, Miss A

Yeah. I'm tearing up again re-reading it.

So, this is going to be a tough week being the only P.O.D. (parent on duty) but it's things like this that keep me going. I'm going to try to savor this happy moment, because even though the beginning of the day was the p.i.t.s. (pits!), we did manage to get to church on time (gasp!) and with some supreme flexibility, things got done and then we managed to have a calm and fairly relaxing afternoon. Miracles of miracles. Or should I say, a heavenly Mother's Day Gift, because that's what it was.

Hope you had a great day. And Happy Mother's Day, wherever you are.


Katie said...

That poem is adorable - yup, I teared up a little. And what a great reminder to have of when Miss A was small. I hope you had a great Mother's Day - you deserve it!

Bethany said...

So cute! I didn't manage to keep Levi from giving me his gift on Thursday, when he brought it home from school. I'm the POD all week, too, with Aaron in Orange County. So, call me if you need to commiserate! Happy Mother's Day!