Thursday, May 14, 2009

Miss E

Wanted to get this up yesterday, but it was a wee bit on the crazy side.


Before (with Miss A on the left):

And After:

Super J has the camera with him on the trip, and thus I don't have the most uptodate current photos...but do not fret. I shall post one of the b-day girl on her new scooter, which she dubbed, "The BEST.PRESENT.EVER!!!!!" and I wasn't offended that poor Sea World Trainer Barbie had to take a backseat (because SWTB is a hit with the other sisters, and especially at bath time).

She had a very very nice, low key birthday. The Lemon Cupcakes went over well (she said, one little friend asked, "Miss E, what kind of cupcakes are these????" but ate hers anyway). We hit McDonald's for lunch and Chik Fil A for dinner. Why? Playlands, of course (special thanks to Kristan for being the co-chaperon for playland festivities). Since she'd already had cupcakes at preschool and will have a big ol' cake on Saturday (her dinosaur pizza party, don't you know), she graciously allowed me NOT to bake yet another cake and instead we went and got some frozen custard. She opened presents and we called Super J and then she got to take a bath in my big tub (with sisters!) so they could play with SWTB and the other newly dubbed "trainers" (poor Bathtub Cinderella Barbie is now called, "Trainer 2." Isn't it just like that...when you get a new job, sometimes your identity fades for a while). You've never seen such well trained dolphins and baby killer whales, let me tell you.

But let me share, Gentle Reader, a quick story which illustrates just one of the things about our Miss E that we love. And I use the Royal We, meaning me.

After unwrapping her scooter, amidst the shouts of glee and the happy dancing that were occurring simultaneously, Miss A said to me quietly, "I'm a little jealous." Miss E immediately stopped pumping the air with one fist while lovingly caressing the scooter's unopened box and said, "Don't worry Miss A. I'll share with you!" Miss E had owned it all of 15 seconds, but was willing to share at the drop of the hat with her sister. And that really is how she is...well, with Miss A. With Miss O, sharing is a bit tougher because Miss O tends to just appropriate toys and call them hers (I got my eye on you, Miss O. Give them back the seal! NOW.).

Truly she is generous of heart. Generous with hugs and kisses (but aren't we all a little glad she's grown out of the random kissing at her height level phase? I know my hipbone and various other bodily vicinities are). She is smart and sweet and pouty and stubborn and solitary and friendly to all and kind. She is KIND! And she eats meat. Lots of meat...very few vegetables and fruit, but she's working on that. She loves rocks and dinosaurs and digging things up and she's more than willing to crush ants that have come into the house and have subsequently terrified Miss O. Indeed, we have dubbed her "The Queen of Crushing Ants". But only on the inside. Outside, she has esteem for all creatures of the outdoors. Every flower. Every blade of grass. Her compassion has no bounds.

We love our Miss E, because she loves us, and we cannot help but want to return such a gracious and gentle gift.

Happy birthday, Baby girl. We love you. And that Royal We means Me.


Bethany said...

So cute! I will be looking forward to meeting your crazy group of girls one of these days! Happy Birthday, Miss E!!

Allison said...

I adore Miss E - you give her a birthday hug for me!

Shari said...

Did you see the Dinosaur cake in last month's family fun?!?!

It's probably too late, but it looks like fun (and tasty). They have lots of ideas for dino parties on that website too. If there is to be no party, you should keep them under your hat for rainy day activities!

Katie said...

So, you're telling me that it's been a year since I was at your place? I distinctly remember doing some shopping for an astronaut party (right?). Happy BDay Miss E!