Monday, April 6, 2009

Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis Close

Super J rarely has several days off in a row, what with working for a small company and all. That being said, for reasons I'll write about later, Super J was home this afternoon and we started talking about just getting away. Spontaneously. Take the kids out of school and go...somewhere...really cheap, though...maybe warmer? Someplace near a temple?

Or maybe just with an indoor swimming pool and someone else who cleans and cooks.

Super J was on and had the credit card out and was almost typing in numbers, while I was upstairs literally flinging clothes, diapers, toiletries and last years' swimsuits (which, frankly, are chlorine catastrophes. I see new suits in the VERY near future for the Misses, one and all) into some duffels and was ALMOST PACKED when the phone rang, once.

And then a few minutes later, it rang again. And Super J was talking for a while on it. I came downstairs with the baby, who I was trying to keep awake so she'd sleep in the van, when I flashed him the thumbs up sign with a hopeful look. He gave me a thumbs down, which was both sad and fortuitous at the same time. And like that, our adventure came to an end.

Super J is now sorta back at work. We are waiting to see if maybe our very spontaneous getaway will happen Friday. Or maybe next month. Or maybe we'll just have to plan it a little better next time, which probably won't be so bad. For now, I guess I just need to have an adventure at Mount Doom of Laundryland, which let me tell you, isn't nearly so exotic, warm or deliciously has someone else who cooks for you.


Allison said...

I feel for you - with both the "could have been" and the "what is."

Bethany said...

ooo, that is close. just remember, you're always welcome to come visit us in subtropical CA, whether well-planned or not! Hopefully you'll be able to get away soon.

Jessica said...

Oh, I so understand!!! I wish for you the get-a-way of your dreams. Until then, hang in there Mount Doom will diminsh... summer is on it's way!!!

Lac said...

Oh my gosh I am SO in need of a vacation. It's been almost a year since our last vaca with just Jace and myself and I'm feeling it in my parenting everyday. There is nothing better for parenting than a nice vacation. It always makes me so happy and ready to come home! I hope you get your break!

Katrina said...


Katie said...

planned spontaneity isn't too bad. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. If anyone deserves a break, it's you and your family. All the best!