Monday, April 6, 2009

Super J and the Vampires

A few weeks ago, Super J got me Twilight on DVD (as I am a fan of the books) and we watched it as part of my Mardi Gras birthday.

...wait, I gotta back up even more. One of the things I asked for in celebration of turning one year older and wiser, too, was to start a book club with Super J where we each assigned each other books to read, and then we'd discuss them on our "date night."

I assigned him to read the Fablehaven Series by Brandon Mull (seriously, if you have not read them, GO GET THEM NOW! They just keep getting better and better!), which he did (well, 3 out of the 4). He's assigned me to read, "How to win friends and influence people." I'm almost done, but in my defense I've also read a bunch of other books to get current in my OTHER book clubs, but I digress.

So, now back to Twilight the Movie. We watched it and he liked it enough that he said, "Don't assign it, but I might read the book one of these days." And lo and behold, while waiting for book 4 of Fablehaven to become available, he started Twilight and just finished reading it.

His review: Overall, he enjoyed both movie and book. He said the book had to be good because it's really just about a girl who wakes up, thinks about Edward, talks to Edward and then goes to bed, over and over again, until the last 100 pages when it gets really good (though it still happens in the next to last chapter, except she's in a hospital). He enjoyed the fact that in the movie, there was a bit of backstory (aka: action and some violence) with the Laurent, James and Victoria because it broke up the girl gets up, thinks of boy, talks to boy, goes to bed routine.

He's a funny fish, that Super J. I love that he's reading these "fun" fiction books, though I won't miss all the little vampire-ism he kept up while reading Twilight. Example: I handed Miss Q to him once and he was like, "Yum! Veal!" Oh, ha. ha.


Katrina said...

Yum. Veal.

I admit. I laughed.

Katie said...

But seriously, what can be better than thinking about and talking to Edward? ;-)

mshaw said...

Thanks for the Fablehaven recommend. I am always looking for a good read while I feed Jacob. UPDATE: Love the series. He is a great writer.