Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lost and Found

This week at the Zoo (give or take a couple of days):

Miss A lost her top front tooth when she bit into a tortilla chip. It was a bloody gross affair, but Miss L and Super J were very very happy for her. Miss L finds she does not do well with loose teeth. Or the moment a tooth becomes officially "lost." Sooooo wiggly, soooo bloody. So queasy.

Miss A found the dollar the Tooth Fairy left her, and was very excited.

Miss L lost two pounds, without walking or anything, which finally broke through some invisible barrier that she has not been able to get below for MONTHS. Huh. Go figure.

Miss O found herself struggling with constipation for two hours last night and finally found relief after ejecting the enormous blockage of poo that had been causing the trouble.

Miss O found herself happily rewarded for such a valiant effort with Diamond Castle "I Feel Connected" Barbie, because she did, after all, do the amazing deed On. The. Toilet. Wahoo! Now if only we could just get her to do that consistently...or even pee on the toilet. Sigh.

Miss L wondered if she'd lost her mind giving Miss O a Barbie that "sings" and makes other flashy noises, until she found the battery was already starting to lose power (yes, Barbie has been singing non-stop for a long time now).

Miss E found herself, initially, putting pretty much every shirt she wore this week on backwards.
Miss L wondered how her second eldest daughter lost the ability to discern front to back. Seriously. Look at the picture. HOW did she manage this?
Miss Q found herself with another cold (curses!!!) and lost much mucus via the snot sucker that Miss L attacks her with several times a day. Miss Q has found that she hates it when Miss L puts saline drops in her nose, because she knows what is coming next.
Super J lost his job. Super J found employment again when he was, kinda, rehired back at his job. Super J felt lost, in general. Miss L found herself at a loss for words at his lostness.

Super J found he was in the middle of a power struggle at work, so Super J put himself on paid leave starting this afternoon until said power struggle gets resolved, thus finding the best solution to this terribly weird and exceedingly stressful situation. Happily, all upper management and financial partners agreed to this.

Miss L lost it while sitting, idling, in the carpool lane waiting to pick up Miss A from school and wept like a crazy woman once she learned about the outcome to said weird situation, as she found herself succumbing to the stress and events of the last week. Luckily she found a shred of dignity in time as she quickly put on sunglasses, so no one was the wiser, and found herself feeling much better after the emotional meltdown, which was also peppered with many prayers of gratitude.

Miss L's stress eating of the week led her to find those 2 pounds again. Argh.

Miss A has just shown Miss L that she has found that her second front tooth is very very loose. Ugh. Miss L may lose her lunch.


What's up with the Walkers! said...

You poor thing! That was an emotional roller coaster for me just reading your blog:) I was happy, then sad, then happy again, etc. I will remember you and your family in our prayers, thanks for sharing and keep us posted.

Bethany said...

Wow, our weeks match! Kinda. I'm sorry everything put you over the top. I have had an awfully stressful week right along with you, but you knew that already. Cause you're the best, and you'd already helped me through my moment. So call me next time! And I'll help you through, too. Much love to you.

Katie said...

I'm so sorry about Super J's situation. SOOOO stressful. Please know that you are in my prayers (all of you). Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Ragan said...

We will definitely be praying for things to work out with Super J's job situation. How very scary right now!

I've had to pull all of Emme's loose teeth. They won't fall out even after her new teeth are coming in behind them.

Allison said...

Super J's job situation: ICK! I hope it works itself out soon, and in a manner that is good for you! Hang in there. As for those 2 pounds - they disappeared once - they can do it again! Constipated Miss O and Annie can keep each other company and swap stories while they wait for ...magic (Annie's magic is aided by Miralax) and then Annie and Miss E can vent about why grown-ups make such a big deal about the way a shirt is on! And Emi and Miss A can discuss how gross teeth are when they come out--Ewww! And all the while, you and I can eat cheesecake and ignore Miss Q's snotty nose!

Adrienne said...

K, if you're blogging about it though, you're dealing in your amazing L way that you just DEAL with stuff. That being said. I think you still should fling stuff in suitcases and just GO SOMEWHERE. If you need impromptu babysitting for ANY REASON AT ALL, you call me, right?! RIGHT???? Because after all, that getaway might need to be just the 2 of you. You da best, of course. I didn't think you really wanted me to call you up and hash it through AGAINE, which is why I haven't called b/c sometimes when I'm in crap I don't feel like detailing it to others. That being said, I'm warning you -- if you're blogging about it, I'm calling you, lady. :)