Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin'

On Facebook, they had this list for writing 25 Random Things About You, as one of those "get to know you better" things. I wanted to do this, but never got around to it. Low and behold, today prompted me to write this because it would so have been on my list. Here 'tis:

I hates it, My Precious. I really hates it.

Yes. April "Fools" Day. Okay, not the day, per se, but the practical jokes that happen on said day which are NOT funny, because they always come at someone elses' expense (and most often strip away elements of their trust), and then you are considered not to have a sense of humor if you don't find it hysterical. Well, ha ha.

Yeah, so I hate the practical joke. I just thought you should know.

Oh, and if you LURVES playing the practical joke, just keep this in mind: I don't. I don't play them and I don't enjoy having them played on me. I have a long memory and it's probably the only thing I hold a grudge against. Seriously. And that's no joke.

And now you know a little extra randomness about me.


Jennifer Lee said...

I am SO right there with you. I HATE this day. I hate that people think that they have an excuse or reason to tell lies or pull pranks without any consequence. Even on April 1, it is still lying. I hate looking like a fool for believing someone that in normal settings I wouldn't have any reason to disbelieve. Hate. It. You can rest assured that I will never pull an April Fool’s on you.

Bethany said...

My sentiments exactly. I never could tell when someone was "fooling," especially when I was younger and it happened more often. What a day. Who started this nonsense, anyway?

Adrienne said...

I made my comment last night without even reading your post! Sorry about the saran wrap on the toilet...wish you'd posted this EARLIER. :)