Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unpleasant Realizations #243 and #244

If it were not for my children spilling things on the floor, it is very unlikely at this stage of my mothering/housekeeping abilities that my floors would ever get mopped. So, I guess I should actually be glad about Miss O and her constant dumping of water cups that are too full and/or too large for her to carry and/or playing in the bathroom sink though she professes only to be "washing her hands." Oh, uh huh.

AND, I'm not sure who is more terrorized by Night Terrors brought about by lack of nappage ("I'm NOT TIRED!!!"): the child or the parent(s) who must be awakened each time said child starts wailing inconsolably (and thus can be found staggering around all morning--the parents, I mean. Not the incredibly chirpy and energetic child) until the parental figures finally give her benedryl so all can sleep (she was itching her legs, Super J points out, and that's oh-so-true, thank you eczema).

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