Monday, March 16, 2009

To Nap or Not To Nap...that is the question

Miss O did not take a nap today. Well, not really. She did fall asleep in the car and slept for about 10 minutes. When I got home, I took her to her room where she (of course) woke up, crabby but feeling like she'd had her nap. Okay, then.

Fast forward to now (~around 10:18pm).

Having been put to sleep with the rest of her older, non-napping sisters, she slept until about 30 minutes ago. She then started much crying and bawling, which successfully had me going upstairs several times to placate her, to no avail. I finally told her I was not coming back up.

Guess what?

Literally as I was typing the above paragraph, here comes Miss O down the stairs. Letting me be good to my word, I was not needed to come upstairs because here she sits in my lap, laying on my shoulder as I type.


When she gets her nap, she doesn't go to sleep until 10:00ish (sometimes later!), which means no time for downtime with Super J OR Super J and I just end up talking or watching tv until well past our bedtime to make up for lost grown-up time (make sense?). When she doesn't get her nap, she goes to bed early, but it's a 75% chance she wakes up and then this happens. Oh, and on those 75% times that she wakes up after an "evening" nap, she won't sleep well during the rest of night.

Been quite a day with Miss O, let me tell you.

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Bethany said...

How about just a shorter nap?