Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Miss O's Shoe Extravaganza

Remember how I told you Miss O was having a thing with shoes? I'm so not lying.

This is Miss O as a "Dinosaur." In a heavy pink coat with the "flowers" on and hood up, apparently.

Here's another shot as she meanders on...

In this shot, Miss O has decided that even though it's below freezing, these flip flops ought to do the trick when walking outside (notice, heavy pink coat with the "flowers" on--meaning the little flap with roses has been velcroed shut, thus encasing the zipper--and hood on. Yes. It's the ONLY way to wear a heavy coat, it seems, regardless of shoe choice).

And here we have Miss O wearing Super J's boots. This was the best part because she kept telling us, "NO! I have to tie them!" and she'd fiddle with the laces and then start walking a few steps before having to fiddle with them again. Funny.

Hmmmmmmmmm....I do believe it's a rite of passage to wear Dad's Shoes.

I think I have pictures of all the girls in Super J's shoes at one time or another.

In fact:

Circa 2004
This is Miss A wearing one of Jason's tennis shoes.

And a mere two years later, here's Miss E wearing the very same boots Miss O was wearing, but back when they (the boots...and Miss E, now that I think about it) were a bit newer.

Wow. How time flies. But a good shoe?

Always in style.
With a Heavy Pink Coat, Flowers On, Hood Up.


Adrienne said...

Oh, really, BROWNIES didn't help? How's about chasing them brownies with a diet coke? A biggie? PLUS some excedrin migraine? Not that I've tried said home remedy.. I hope you're better!! I loved the shoes.

Lac said...

A girl after my own heart! Her loving shoes is just perfect! It's great until she's in 7th grade and the shoes get progressively more expensive! But for now, it's darling!