Monday, March 16, 2009

A Miss O Entry

Oh, the irony.

I was just downloading some pictures of Miss O, who has taken to wearing shoes that are completely inappropriate for things--the weather, her feet, etc., and I have actually been taking pictures to mark the occassions and thought I'd share. I left the room for a moment and when I come back, she had turned off the computer.

Not just the monitor, as she is wont to do when left unattended in the computer room, but THE COMPUTER. Now, we all know that took some doing. I turned on the computer and it WOULD. NOT. COME. ON.

Yeah, so Miss O got some spankings and stern talking to about touching the computers. She also got stood in the corner. And then she got hugged. And then I figured out through some magical heavenly fluke how to get the computer back on (so please don't think I'm the person to call when your computer crashes. I'm so not).

Pictures to follow later, when my blood pressure has returned to normal.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Oh, I am SOOO calling you when I need computer help. I'm just saying...