Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Or Maybe I Won't

So, yeah, my grandiose plans to update yesterday's "PLAY DATE" didn't go so well. All those kids were at my house yesterday and it was WEIRD (Bethany, you are not alone in feeling that). From what my brother the Bishop (who has 6 kids, the oldest being almost 15!!!! Gulp. When did she get so old???? Heck, when did *I* get so old) has said, it's a GOOD thing to have your children's friends at your place because then, at least, there's an element of "control"...or at least you know they aren't watching porn on the computers. Indeed.

But it's weird having them trail in and out and just randomly get a drink of water. Or use the bathroom. Or ask for snacks (!!!). Or ask to come with you to put the baby down for her nap (seriously???). Or, my favorite, complain about stuff. Hmmmmmm. I'm not sure the etiquette of such things, especially with the slightly older kids.

Thankfully, when Kristan came over to get her little one (aka: Miss O's friend), she was able to offer a graceful way to encourage most of the kids (except for the actual Play date Invitees) to leave: Needing to have some family time. And it worked. Everyone left with the promise of being able to play at some other point, "later" (whenever that later would be, who knew).

I realize that there is SO. MUCH. TO. LEARN! Just when I thought I had this baby stuff and toddler stuff down, we are moving to the next "stage" of childhood, and I am finding myself ill equipped to even know how to deal with these basic things.

Any helpful suggestions? Anything work for YOU when you were a kid? Looks like I'll be heading to back to the parenting section at the library.


Bethany said...

Ya, I totally don't know what to do with friends over. There is a boy A.J.'s age below us, and when it's warm, they're in and out and all over. A.J. doesn't know the social rules about going to friends' houses (thanks Asperger's. not.) and I'm not really sure either. I do recognize that I would rather be the house where all the kids want to be. I'm pretty sure Levi is going to have boatloads of friends (he is a VERY outgoing kid) and when he gets older, I MOST DEFINITELY want to be the place to hang out for him and his friends. I guess we'll stumble through together! Pass along any ideas you come up with!

Shari said...

Walk around naked...they'll never come back.

Wait, was I the annoying kid that was always there, and they had to come up with creative ways to get rid of me? I think I need to call my therapist...I'm having a break through...

Not really, I don't have a therapist. I'm pretty sure a friend's parents were having sex when I was over there one Saturday evening, and one had a dad with a girlfriend that would walk around wearing just a sheet tied like a towel. Yeah, I didn't go back.