Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Most Interesting Experience Is Currently Underway

...here at the Zoo.

We invited two friends over to play for official playdates for Miss A and Miss O. Just before Miss A's friend arrived, our neighbor and her older sister (who is 10) came over. We have since had many neighborhood kids in and out of the house.

This is the first time we have been THE house to be at in the neighborhood. I have random kids using the bathroom and needing drinks. A couple even asked for snacks (which I said, "Um. Why not check at home to see what you have.").

It's the craziest thing, I have to say.

I'll update later with more developments.

UPDATE: The 10 year old is trying to take over what everyone is doing/playing. Miss A finally said, "Well, I didn't really invite you over." They are now playing playdough, which is what Miss A's invited guest wanted to play, instead of hide and seek which the 10 year old wanted to play.


Bethany said...

Well, good for her to stand up for herself. And, I like your response to snack requests! I haven't gotten used to other kids at my house yet. It's always been a little unnerving. Am I weird? I'm probably really weird on that one.

Katie said...

The snack question was awesome - the response even better. And that's so nice of you to "lend" your bathroom out like that.