Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random musings for the week...

These are things that I have been meaning to write about, but just haven't.

1. Medical Mystery Solved! Yesterday, I diagnosed Miss O as having perianal strep, thanks to her on-going diaper rash and the Internet and Miss E's newly diagnosed strep. Don't ask me how I connected and decided to google strep and bottom and 2 year old, but there you go. Now we all know that there is such a thing and that it's often misdiagnosed as pinworms or a yeast infection, and I am 99% sure it is what Miss O has because she totally had ALL THE SYMPTOMS! Anyway, Super J took her to the ped and now we are just waiting on the test results (though I know she has it...I'm just saying).

2. The Art Museum and Self Enlightenment: Sister Wendy Beckett, the nun, is a great art teacher. If you haven't read or seen her, you really should. A delight.

3. Peer Pressure: I am enjoying Facebook, but all the invites and requests kinda freak me out. I wanted to respond to a couple of them, but then it wants more and more information and I'm not comfortable with doing all that AND I don't need yet another thing to syphon away my time and energy. But all my friends are, and they aren't having computer problems...or are they??????

4. Self Awareness?: Sometimes I think there is something physically wrong with me because I don't have the get up and go like I used to and some days I don't really care that I don't. I remind myself of the mom in "A Girl Named Zippy" whose Mom literally just sat on the couch and read books. I'm not that bad, but sometimes I feel I'm not too far from there.

5. Physical Self Awareness: I have this weird little knot under my middle finger on my left hand, which is probably a harmless bone spur, but of course I am thinking it is something horrific, like a cell mass gone wild. Instead of getting it checked out, I'm cowed by our freakish insurance and the fear that my over imagination has triggered would prove correct. Thus, I see that I am indeed my mother's daughter.

6. Mothering: I love my girls so much! I worry that I'm going to have to send them straight to therapy because I'm a yeller when pushed to the edge, but oh well. I guess this means they'll have stories to tell their friends when they are older. In any case, living with my kids is like living a mini operetta. Seriously, I think I may have mentioned it before, but my kids break out into randomly composed songs on the spot whenever the mood strikes them, especially Miss A and Miss E. I literally have a home filled with the sound of music. And "dancing". It makes me laugh lots.

7. TV Addictions: So, I am having a hard time keeping up with "West Wing." I currently have 36 episodes in the cue on my DVR. I watch approximately one episode a day (normally when I'm trying to put Miss Q down for bedtime at night, because for some reason the pattern of dialog is very soothing to her...or to me, which transfers to her; plus, we love the music). I am learning so much about politics...seriously. There is a reason why people say things like, "It's so political" when looking at the finaglings of life.

8. More TV Addictions: "American Idol" nearly wiped me out last night, such was the high drama of it all. Hollywood Week: Groups Sing = Holy smack me in the head, Batman! Could the melodrama be any more severe???? Though it does provide a good example of life in my house on our bad days. I tell you, that braying girl is going to get through and I'm going to have to mute it when she comes on because she annoys the holy cow out of me. Moooooooo.

9. Head Games: It is hard to walk only a short period of time and step on the scale and not see movement because in my head I'm exercising, so I should be losing weight. Right? Super J told me last night (and I may repeat this in a later post) that it is just as hard, if not harder, to go from a starting point to a 5K as it is to go from a 5K to a marathon. And if I want my starting point to continue, I must take it slowly and learn to embrace it. Hard. So, I'm visualizing that all my ounces are slowly burning away from me and, via laws of physics about mass being neither created nor destroyed, are being transferred to very small and fragile babies in Africa who need to gain weight. 3 babies, to be honest. And every day they are growing stronger and stronger, thanks to the mass I'm sending them. That makes it easier.

10. Littlest Miss Peters: Speaking of babies, Miss Q is teething and it is further disrupting our sleeping pattern. It's funny to realize, but she is our first baby who has not cut teeth by 4 months. Heck, Miss E was almost ready to eat steak by 6 months, she had so many teeth. But not Miss Q. Nope. Tomorrow, she'll be 6 months old and not have ANY teeth. Amazing. No wonder she slept so good those first few months.


Jennifer Lee said...

Here is my thought about Facebook: I will accept you as my friend (or request that you be my friend. please?), but I will deny any request to join a group, participate in a cause, send some love, show my support, blah blah blah. I ignore all those things. I just want to know what people are up to and see some pictures. I did enjoy the note thing, but that was because I could do it within my own profile and didn't have to give my information to anyone.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on the medical diagnosis. We Mommies know our kids. I've even left the doctor's office (by the way I LOVE our doctor as do the kids) not believing what she told me was wrong with one of the kids.

Bethany said...

Mine must have been late teethers. Levi had two by 8 months, which he used to chew for fun. No more nursing for that one! A.J. however, was exactly 10 months old by the time his first one popped through. Which may explain some of his eating struggles, and who knows, maybe even why his permanent teeth are a little odd. And, yeah!! for solving medical mysteries. You know how I feel about those. Let's hope it's relatively easy to treat!

Allison said...

I thought I was Zippy's mom....