Saturday, February 7, 2009

Better Late than Never: Check In!

How'd everyone do? I finally got my third walk of the week in today. You should have seen me hauling around the museum for 15 minutes. :)

Anyway! Next weeks schedule for me is:

M: 15 min
W: 20 min
F: 20 min

Hope everyone feels successful--even if you only got it in once! It's better than not doing anything. And if you didn't do anything, next week is a new week.

On to the next thing: Names for our Exercise Blog.

Once we have a good name (we should try to have two, just in case the first one is already taken), we'll get a going for it, and we can all just chat there. In last Friday's comments, Jessica left a couple of good ones and there were a few more fun examples.

What are yours? Talk to you soon!


Jessica said...

Yes, I got in lots of walking! Wish I was a little lighter to start, but am trying not to get down. It took me years to put on the weight, it will take time to loose it. That is what I remind myself everyday. Move more, Eat less! (And these pounds too shall pass!)

Bethany said...

This week, it rained. So, I walked 10 minutes both Tuesday and Thursday before it started raining, but today was a no go. Oh, well. Maybe next week will be sunny and lovely again!

I'm not very creative, so my blog names may not be what we want to use, but they might spark someone else's creativity.

Have Shoes, Will Walk
More Miles, More Fit
Fit For Us (Ourselves?)
Fit for a Queen!

Anyway, just some ideas.

Jessica said...

Okay it is cold, wet and rainy. I am trying to get motivated this morning to walk. Anybody with me here? This is where a website would be good. We could have daily motivational speeches from you LP, right?