Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, we all know I'm a weather sissypants. But now I can add "Sickness Sissypants" to that list, too. I Hate. To. Be. Sick. And, Gentle Reader, I am sick.

Two Sundays ago, I was achey and had a sore throat and thought for sure that I was coming down with strep. Miss E had it. Miss O had it (well, a form of it). Surely I had it too. But the throat never flared up and life went on.

This past Saturday, after a "date" in downtown Metropolis with Super J, in which we visited "World Market," and had a delightful time and picked up some Salt and Vinegar potato chips (which I normally love, taste combo wise...this was our first outing with WM brand) and some sparkling "juice" . We enjoyed both with some chicken salad sandwiches that I made for the family when we got home. I gotta say, the chips, while really tasty, are VERY strong. The drink tasted like diet soda to me, but whatever. Later, we also got some Chinese take-out because we bought some chopsticks...long story short: we dined on some very diverse things that day.

In any case, by the end of the evening, my throat was definitely starting to have issues and I told Super J about it (he later revealed to me yesterday that he thought I was having psychosomatic issues because of Primary. Ha! I wish). But I told him that I was planning on going to church and soldiering through it.

However, at around 3:00am-ish, when Miss Q got up for a feeding, I woke up feeling kinda odd, especially in one eye and my throat was still having issues. When I was awakened again at 6:30ish, I finally took myself to the bathroom because I totally felt like my eyes and lips had been injected with botox, but NOT in a GOOD way. UGh.

I totally feel like Kramer on Seinfeld when he tells Jerry, "Don't look at me; I'm hideous!!!" (or quoting the Elephant Man, whichever you prefer), but SERIOUSLY! You know how I hate to have my picture taken (yegads! Please ignore the bed-head, too!), but I made Super J take this one because I wanted to show a doctor in case I had to! Keep in mind that I'm also sporting an unknown fever (I was too worried about the eye swelling to think about anything else!).
Look at those eyes. You probably don't realize it because of the copious pictures I post, but they are about quarter swollen shut. I remind myself of my dog I had in college, a shar pei chow mix, when she was a puppy (this is not her, but you get the idea): Hmmmm. My lips don't look swollen, but everything felt it. Maybe it was like going to the dentist, you know, where they anesthetize you and everything feels wrong and numb? Or quite possibly because I was looking up, because looking straight on, where you normally have dark circles under your eyes? Totally swollen. Scary. ANYWAY!

Okay, trying to sum this up...the swollen lids and eyes were, we now believe, due to an allergic reaction to something compounded with too much salt. On top of that, I also have strep throat as indicated by the nurse practitioner at the CVS Minute Clinic down the street. She was impressed by what a raging case I have...it showed up after about a minute, very strong. And she said that in order for it to do that, I must have had it for a while. Oh dear (sorry Kristan and Jennifer!).

In any case, I'm medicated now. I'm no longer contagious and swollen (at least in my eyes). I'm amazed that my throat still hurts because this is day three of antibiotics and I'm feeling I should be healed and whole by now, but my body disagrees. Sigh. I now also have great empathy for Miss E (who, remember, has had this twice this season). She's one tough cookie, I gotta say. Love those girls. Wish I was like a kid in their recovery time, though.

ANYWHOOOOO, this is what I've been up to. Nice, eh? So, suffice to say, I'm taking Super J's advice and giving my body a week to recoup so I'm starting my 15 minutes/20min/20min of walking next week. But I have a great thing I'll post later to help you all stay motivated.


Bethany said...

Oh, Dear! I hope you feel better soon, it is so not fun to be sick.

Katrina said...

*giant hugs*

I hope you feel better soon, sis.
I sorrow to hear you were under the weather