Thursday, January 15, 2009

Man oh man, it's BRRRRRRRR!!!!

It's cold outside! I just took a picture of this poor little Robin that was as round as a GLOBE, it was so puffed up trying to keep warm. And what makes it worse is that I had to take Miss E to the dr's today because, yes, as suspected due to her HORRIFIC breath, yes, she has strep. Of course. Of course!!! Of course she gets strep when it's so dang cold outside that it hurts her to buckle her seat belt because it is too cold and she so hot, bless her little peapickin' heart. The good news is that we caught it very early and she's on antibiotics so hopefully she'll feel better in a little bit and our weekend plans won't be disrupted because we have a busy Saturday ahead of us, let me just tell you. Along those incredibly selfish lines, is it terrible to hope and pray that if it afflicts anyone else that it happens between now and 10am tomorrow, so that the girls can still make their art class and stuff???? I think not.

ANYWAY! I digress.

Whilst we waited for her medicine to get filled (and can I just say that you can drop a pretty penny at the CVS pharmacy on all the random things they have there besides the meds), some lady came over and said, "It's -2 degrees outside!" Now, I'm not sure if that was the case because the morning news said it was 4 degrees outside, but after a certain point, cold is cold. AND, I have to reiterate that I'm just a sissypants when it comes to the cold weather. Winter is my very least favorite--ever--season. I know, circle of life, blah blah blah, but I hates it! And it's only JANUARY!!! Bawhhhhhh.

But I complain because I can and because I know that next week, the temperatures will be very pleasantly above freezing. Unlike my friend Meghan who lives up in ALASKA!!!!! Where it's been, ohhhhh, -20+ degrees. Can you even IMAGINE?????? I'd sooooo have to move.


Hurry better temperatures!!! Hurry!!! Before I get toooo grumpy. ~Thanks in advance.

p.s. Miss E has fallen asleep on the couch, thankfully (she did not, as Super J will attest, sleep well at all last night). Talk about sawing logs! Poor dear.


Bethany said...

What a bummer! Hope she gets well soon. I, too, am annoyed with winter weather. I hate that our apartment is so poorly insulated from temperature changes that we have to run the AC in January. (Sorry, I had to say it. But you can come visit! All of you!)

Katie said...

Oh yeah, winter in Alaska is VERY interesting. It was -7 in Pittsburgh this morning. Sorry about Miss E. Hope she feels better!