Monday, January 19, 2009

And so it begins

Misses A and E had a play date at some friends this morning. They got to play over two hours before I came to pick them up. Of course, Miss E greets me with a stamp of her foot and much pouting, whining and, "I don't want to go!" phrases.

Later, once we are home, she announces to me, "Sometimes I love you," then a pause, "and sometimes I don't."

Hmmmmmmm. I thought this was supposed to be something I heard when she was a teenager, not FOUR! ugh.

Also, anyone have any good ways that you've used to keep your kids in bed at night? Bribing doesn't seem to be doing any good and I'm getting kinda worried about Super J and his increasing lack of sleep. Seriously, again all three girls got up. I finally got up and chewed the older two girls out, which I'm SURE will be oh so effective. Still, we are going to discuss this in a family council tonight and I was just wondering if you had any pearls of wisdom, Gentle Reader.


Allison said...

If anyone does leave you advice for keeping kids in bed at night,please pass it on - at least to me!

Tricia said...


Shari said...

In "Mommy Dearest", the little boy had bedstraps...just a thought. I'm not the one to ask for this issue, but if you can tell me how to get babies out of my bed w/o having to endure several nights of crying...please let me know!

Bethany said...

Well, mine are about the same ages as your two oldest (4 and 7). At our house, you get half a sippy cup of water to take with you at bedtime, but you don't get it until after prayer and song. The door gets shut most of the way, and you are expected to stay in bed. If you come out before we go to bed, you get a hug and kiss (and maybe a snuggle in bed for <5 min) and sent right back. If you wake up in the middle of the night (which they usually only do if there's something wrong), you quickly get your need met, and sent off back to sleep. I am pretty no-nonsense about sleep. And they know it. How are the sharing arrangements? Mine share a room, and if one has trouble getting to sleep, they are both usually up. But I also think it helps them get to sleep most nights. The older girls should probably not be getting up at this point, so it might just take letting them know that it's no longer okay. If they have a true need (pain, sick, gotta pee), that's one thing. But if you're up just for kicks, sorry, it's not going to be a good time. Good luck getting it all sorted out!