Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Many Thoughts...

Yeah, so Miss Q has been getting up around 3am for the past few nights (and other times, too, but consistently around 3am as well). You should know that I have mentally blogged some incredibly fascinating and historically important things, posted with pictures and humorous anecdotes during the half hour or so that I'm up with her. Mentally. Alas, when I am actually "awake" for the day, I either

a) can't recall the amazing post I thought up OR
b) it's already been composed and expressed, just not typed and so there's no great need to actually write it out anymore.

Weird, huh?

So, I thought I'd bring the blog up to speed with yet another list of things that I have been thinking about around 3 am. Sorry if they aren't as entertaining as they might have been. Just know that when you are in a semi-sleep state, some of these things were HYSTERICAL and some of the best mental writing known to mankind. Ohhhhhwell.

Let's begin!

1. I am not, contrary to what my children may think based on goofy things I have said to them, interested this particular guy in any way, shape or form (this is the best picture I could come up with of him...sorry! He's the guy who's sleeping). Indeed, I do not find him attractive in disposition nor physicality, nor has he ever been my boyfriend/husband. But my girls think he was, at one time, before I made the infinitely wiser choice of Super J. Who, you ask? That'd be: Uncle Knit Knot (or Knitknots? Knitknot? I dunno), discovered on Disney's preschooler show, "Imagination Movers." My only draw to Mr. UK is that he likes things "boring." And would, I'm sure, find my girls "too exciting" for his taste...much as I do sometimes (or so I've teased them, hence why they think I used to be Mrs. Knit Knot. Sigh). Nope. Not interested. Though I like it when they are quiet, I much prefer the more exciting Super J.

2. Facebook reminds me how forgetful I've become during my four pregnancies and going-on-8 years of sleep deprivation. Why??? Because!!!! I have been asked to become a "friend" to people I know I actually hung out with because their name actually does sound familiar or, worse, there a picture of us together. But for the life of me, I can't remember them!!!! Ohhhhhhhmygracious. How sad is that.

3. That weird smell I discovered in Miss O's room that I recently referred to? Spoiling rotting milk that I guess had leaked through a sippy during a nap time (?) that was caught by her leak proof mattress and her pillow. Oh yeah. That was pretty. And both girls are still working on their loose teeth.

4. These "Special K" cereal bars and the various random knock-offs are not appetizing. Seriously. I need to find a better snack, that's all I'm saying.

5. And speaking of eating, let me just say how much I love "Mimi's Cafe." I love their French Onion Soup. I love their carrot bread (their new pumpkin bread...not so much). I love LOVE their Salisbury Steak and potatoes plate. I order it pretty much every time I go, now that I know it exists. Delicious. It's a great place to take the kids. It's a great place to take The Girls (meaning my friends). It's a great date night evening out that won't break the bank, but has great food and atmosphere. Yep. Love Mimi's.

6. The girls have been getting Super J up...a lot...at night. Here's the deal. I work with the baby, and Super J works with the older girls. So, if there's a bad dream, he gets up with them. Need water, he's the man. You see where I'm going with this. However, it's been getting kinda crazy and he'd been getting less and less consecutive sleep. So. We've basically taken to bribing them that if they sleep through the night without waking up Daddy, they get a check mark on the family calendar. After a month of solid check marks, they get an undisclosed treat. Let me just say, they are all about this. And so far, so good. Kinda. Because they are no dummies. They know they can't get Daddy up. But we said nothing about waking me up. Ohhhhhhh, the flaws to any great plan as only discovered by the young and determined. Sigh. Needless to say, we're going to revisit this little plan.

7. Okay, I debated about posting about this and even asked Super J about it and he said he wouldn't (but, let's be honest: he never posts about anything). Let me just say that I decided to do so because I feel that, truly, knowledge is power. Indeed, you could even liken this to one of those segments that's on the news, one of those, "I tried it before YOU buy it" kinds of things. Now, keep in mind, obviously someone had to like it or else it would never have made it to market. Still. Of what do I speak? KY's "Yours & Mine." If you have sensitive skin, this product is NOT FOR YOU!!! If the smell of bengay is a turn-off, or any menthol type of thing disgusts you, this product is NOT FOR YOU!!! If the idea of chemically "cooling" or "warming" your "special place" is unappealing, guess what...yep. Frankly speaking, I wasn't a fan. That's all I'm saying.

As always, there are so many more things to talk about. So many more random things that I've thought about in the wee hours. But it'll have to wait. The kids are melting down. They have no patience for MOMMY time. I guess that only happens at 3:00am.


Bethany said...

Bummer on number 7! We kind of like it, actually. And I wish continuous sleep for you...soon. It is so hard to function as anything when sleep has been continually interrupted for too long. Good luck with that!

Krista said...

I just have to say that I'm glad I'm not the only one with lots of random thoughts on her mind. But I do hope you get some sleep! And Mr. Knitknot drives me crazy!

Tricia said...

Ok, had been wondering about #7, glad I did not waste money on it. I kind of thought those commercials were um, overrated...lol. You always make me laugh, so thank you my sleep deprived, vacation needing friend!!!

Adrienne said...

Did you really just write #7? And reason #43057 why Miss L is the best. Oh my crap I was laughing. And my D worried about my use of "poop" a lot on my blog.