Monday, January 26, 2009

Joy Cometh in the Morning

First thing this morning, Miss E tapped me on the shoulder to wake me up, excitedly showing me the dollar bill that the Tooth Fairy left under her pillow. And when I say first thing, I'm not kidding. I looked at the clock as I sent her back to bed.

It was 4:23 a.m.

That's excitement for that first lost tooth and first Tooth Fairy visit, let me tell you.


Bethany said...

Oooooh, that's early. I don't like knowing that they make a 4:23 Am!

Stephanie said...

The Tooth Fairy was one busy lady last night! She made a stop by our house as well. I'm just glad she remembered this time. She's been known to forget about it a time or two around here! Luckily for me, she made a delivery to 9 year-old Ross. This was the 13th tooth he's lost, so he didn't feel the need to wake me at 4:23 with the exciting news. :)

Katie said...

Oh, to be able to experience that kind of pure joy (albeit EARLY joy)!