Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Epiphany for Gladys

Do you know, Gentle Reader, who Gladys Kravitz was? She was the nosy neighbor on the series "Bewitched," forever spying on Samantha and Darren; often she couldn't believe what she was seeing (and with some of Samantha's relatives, really now, can you blame her?). But there you go.

She was funny to watch because, deep down, she made a connection: aren't we all a little like Gladys? Or at least have some Gladys moments?

Heck ya.

For the vast majority of us, it's nice to be "in the know" about stuff, isn't it? Up-to-date on things? Am I the only one? I don't think so.

Let me share with you one of my favorite quotes that I've loved since childhood: Knowing is half the battle (thank you, oh great American Hero ~G.I. Joe).

And how many times in real life (at playgroups or at lunch, etc.) have I found myself just busting in on a conversation between two of my friends who were chatting casually without me and enter that ol' conversation as if I was part of it from the beginning. Or had that done to me. Yes, sometimes it's annoying. And I'm sure when I do it, probably rather rude. But sometimes it's (let's be honest!) juicy and oh so fun!!!

And how do I know this is true? One word (interestingly made of two words...like two friends connecting): Facebook.

I'd like to say I'm kinda a private person, but then I have to laugh at that incredibly hypocritical statement (HELLO! Blog much, Miss L?). I do, however, like to put my best face forward, so to speak...at least, online. And on a "need to know" kind of basis. Because I'm a weirdo (and a weather sissypants...I hate these changes in weather!!!! Ahem. I digress). That's why I blog. If you want to know about me, you've got to read (and sometimes read and read and read because I do go on and on).

But on Facebook, where networking is THE driving factor, everyone who is friendly with you can see what you are doing, who you are talking to, what you are discussing, the pictures you have posted, and can comment on any or all of it, whether you want them to or not. I'm relatively new to Facebook, but even I get caught up catching up with friends--whether they want me to or not--and the immediacy of whatever they are doing in those delightful (but often insightful) little snippets. I bring all this up because it dawned on me the other day:

I am Freakin' Gladys Kravitz because of Facebook.

Ack! It's true. I love Facebook because it appeals to my Gladys-nosy-neighbor lovin' heart. Oh the shame. But I kinda like it. I've seen my nieces recital pictures and pictures of friends new babies and renewed connections with dear friends from my college years and, well, stuff like that. And I would not have been able to do that without the ol' Book of the Face.

So, if you are on Facebook and we are friends, Gentle Reader, please don't be offended if I comment on some random thing. It's just my way of checking in on you and letting you feel my love and concern (and sometimes my mirth, all things considered). And I promise I won't be offended either, cause it's a two way street over there...unless of course, you say something really ugly or something that merits ridicule, in which case you best come read my blog because I'm sure I'll be discussing it here for all my other friends and posterity to read about.

Because knowing is, after all, half the battle.


Katie said...

Ah, Facebook. Here's my recent problem with Facebook (and really, it's just my vanity that's the problem). When I post pictures of myself, I can screen them and make sure that they are "acceptable." This week, and elder from my mission started a Facebook group for folks serving under our mission president, and YIKES all of a sudden, all sorts of pictures of me have been posted. Pictures, I must add, that I WOULD NEVER have posted. Did I really look like that? Do I still? Eeek! But I do love the catching up part...

Becky said...

I would never be offended if you "interuppted" or commented on my facebook! You are funny and a great friend. Don't be embarrassed about it.

Becky said...

I would never be offended if you "interuppted" or commented on my facebook! You are funny and a great friend. Don't be embarrassed about it.